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Guest Editorial: Nora Honkomp, Why I Stay in Girl Scouts


I joined my school’s Girl Scout troop in first grade and at the time, our meetings were filled with all twenty of my fellow troop mates running around and having a blast. Because of the large number of girls, we had a very enriching experience. We went on large camp outs. We took several meetings to finish badges. We went on monthly outings chaperoned by bunches of parents. However, our big, exciting troop slowly dwindled to a select few. By eighth grade, there were only four girls left in the troop. Though I saw many of my good friends leave the troop, I never faltered in my dedication to Girl Scouts because I knew what fun things were to come if I remained steadfast. Things like travel, leadership, and higher awards.

As a Cadette, Senior, and now Ambassador, my opportunities have been endless. I have tried new experiences, such as attending new workshops at the Leadership Conference every year. I have honed in on some of my leadership skills, such as communication and flexibility, through my position as Special Events Co-Chair for the CSA Association. I have met amazing women through experiences such as Women of Distinction. I have seen more of the world, such as on a trip to New York with my troop. I have gained relationships with mentors that pushed me to keep achieving and never be afraid to ask for help. I have been a teacher for younger girls and passed on the knowledge I gained throughout my years. And now, I have the opportunity to make a change in my community by working towards my Gold Award. Most importantly to me, I had, and will continue to have, A LOT of fun.

Part of what has made my experience in Girl Scouts so thrilling is the people. My troop leaders put a spectacular amount of effort into giving all of us the best possible experience in Girl Scouts, and it has certainly paid off. The girls that I get to meet every time I go to a CSA Association meeting or at various other events are genuinely inspirational people. I am always amazed by the never ending energy and excitement they bring to everything they do. And last but certainly not least, my troop mates have truly made my Girl Scout experience the best it can be. My favorite years of Girl Scouts have been the ones spent in my closely knit troop. Sure, I had lots of fun when we had a multitude of people, but the smaller number of troop mates has allowed me to grow much closer to each of the girls. Despite the four of us attending different schools, we have become remarkably connected. Now, looking back, I am extremely glad I remained a part of my troop because these last few years have been filled to the brim with opportunity, friendship, and growth.

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  1. Mary Anne O’Donnell

    February 18, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Very nicely written Nora. I share many of your memories from scouting. I am a first class (gold was not around when I was growing up) scout and a lifetime Girl Scout. Many of my very close treasured friends I
    met in scouting. The experiences were so numerous but they are a testament of who I am today. Many volunteer and staff helped me shape me. “Each one teach one”


    Always remember – Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other ‘s gold.

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