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Guest Editorial: Abby Sowinski, Why I Stay in Girl Scouts

Why am I a Girl Scout? Girl Scouts gives me so many opportunities that I cannot go anywhere else to get. I joined Girls Scouts as an eager 1st grade Daisy. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to attend camps, earn awards, and meet new friends. Camps help me gain a better understanding of the world around me. Service Awards, like the Silver Award, challenge me in different ways and help me to grow as a leader. My Girl Scout friends are many, as we are sisters in Girl Scouts.

When I participated in the Challenger Learning Center program, Mission to Mars, during space camp a few summers ago, I was challenged to solve “mission objectives.” These objectives could not be accomplished without teamwork. I loved this way of learning by carrying out a mission, it’s actually really learning by doing. I feel that by participating in the experience, I learned more deeply than just reading a book or hearing a lecture.

I took on the challenge of the Silver Award with my troop last year. With this project, I had to practice to both listen to others and compromise at times to get steps done. I also learned to ask for help with this project, as we needed to have support from the Girl Scout council in Toledo to really help the project come together. We also had a lot of time to bond and have fun along the way.

I have gained confidence from Girl Scouting. I have tried new things in my community, like volunteering at the zoo, library and church groups. I have tried to expand on leadership, by joining student government and was elected to be the class vice president this year. I am working hard to deepen my musical abilities and was voted the most improved percussionist in the high school drumline. I had the confidence to go out and try because I had so many opportunities in my years in Girl Scouts. I look forward to venturing out even more with Girl Scouts in my high school years, with exciting plans this summer to go to a Destinations program, at Advanced Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

I have so much more to do in Girl Scouting like summer camp CIT, journey and hopefully a Gold Award project, too.

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