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Are You Prepared for Cookie Booth Sales?

Cookie Booth season is almost upon us! With so much going on in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the Direct Sale Phase. Here’s a simple list of things to remember before you go out and sell with your girls!

Pick Up Your Cookies

If you haven’t already, pick up your cookies! You’ll want to make sure you have enough cookies for all of the customers who will be visiting you! Here’s what we recommend in terms of cookie packages (not cases!) for an average cookie booth:

1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours
Thin Mints 15 30 45
Samoas 8 16 24
Do-Si-Dos 7 14 21
Tagalongs 8 16 24
Savannah Smiles 3 6 9
Trefoils 4 8 12
S’mores 3 6 9
Toffee-Tastic 1 2 3
Total 49 98 147

Remember, these are simply suggested package numbers based on past average booth sale totals. Keep in mind important factors like location, weather, time, etc. that may impact your specific booth locations. Also, remember that cookies cannot be returned!

Not sure where to pick up your cookies? Consult your Cookie Book for details!

Reread the Guidelines in the Cookie Book

It’s important that you and everyone at the booth are familiar with GSWO guidelines while you’re on-site, so take the time to familiarize yourself beforehand! They’re all located in the Cookie Book. In the 2018 edition, booth sale guidelines are on page 15.

Make Sure You’re Aware of Guidelines for Your Specific Booth Location

On a similar note, double-check if your specific booth location has its own guidelines. For example, Kroger locations in the Toledo and Lima areas require Girl Scouts to participate in the Kroger Gift of Caring Program. Any extra requirements for your cookie booths can be found in eBudde by viewing your booth confirmations.

Make Fun, Attention-Grabbing Signage

Now it’s time to have fun! Grab the girls in your troop and get creative! Have them make fun, attention-grabbing signage to hang on the booth, the wall behind you (if allowed), or to hold up throughout the sale! Little Brownie Bakers has a ton of awesome recommendations on how to bling your booth.

We also recommend using this time to print out the Cookie Allergen Chart to have available for adults, girls, and customers to reference at the booth.

Double-Check that Volunteers are Approved and Background Checked

For the safety of everyone involved, adults who volunteer to help during Cookie Booth sales are required to be approved, background-checked adult members with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. Two approved, background-checked adults are required for each booth sale.

Not sure if an adult is approved and background-checked? Contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or!

Decide How You’ll Accept Payment

How will you be accepting payment at your cookie booths? Will you allow customers to write checks to Girl Scouts of Western Ohio if they don’t have cash on hand? Make that policy beforehand, and let everyone in your troop know so the policy is consistent among Cookie Booths.

In addition, if you want to accept credit card payments during the sale, research and sign up for a credit card scanner. Different programs take different amounts of time for approval and shipping, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time!

Check the Weather

March in Ohio can be tricky when it comes to weather, so check the forecast ahead of time! Will you need a canopy? Should the girls wear winter coats and snow pants? Make sure everyone is prepared before they head out the door.

Familiarize Yourself with the Booth Sale Recorder App from Little Brownie Baker

One of the awesome tools available to Troop Cookie Managers is the Little Brownie Bakers Booth Sale Recorder App. Make sure you’ve got it downloaded to your phone to make cookie tracking even easier. It’s available for iPhone and Android phones.

The Booth Sale Recorder App automatically links to eBudde and allows you to track how many packages were sold at your booth and what girls helped at the same, all from your phone! Pretty awesome, right?

Check Back for More Booth Locations

eBudde is always being updated with new Cookie Booth locations — yes, including in the middle of the sale! Even if a prime location isn’t available now, it’s possible a troop has had to drop their booth reservation if their schedule changes! So make sure to check back regularly for new Cookie Booth opportunities.

Get the Girls Excited!

And finally, get girls excited about Cookie Booth season! They’re learning new things and earning money to accomplish their goals with their Girl Scout troop. What’s not to love?!

Alright, now that you’ve crossed all these items off your to do list, it’s time to get out there! We can’t wait to see what your troops accomplish.

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