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The CIT Program, It’s A-Changing!

Oh the times, and the counselor-in-training (CIT) program, they are a-changing! What’s the CIT program? It’s a beloved camp tradition where older Girl Scouts (called CITs) build their leadership and outdoor skills as they work directly with younger girls during summer camp. It’s like a multi-year training program for becoming an official camp counselor and all-around awesome human being!

Sounds fun, right? It is fun but it’s also closely tied to the Girl Scout idea of progression. Progression is one of our best ways to teach girls skills and build their confidence. That’s why CIT is only one part of our pathway to camp leadership. So what is the full progression for camp leadership? Check it out below!

Program Aide, Grades 6-8

Girls who have completed Program Aide training and would like to spend the week at day camp working with girls developing leadership, team building, and programming skills, then this is a great opportunity for you! Program aides work with camp staff to implement programs such as badge work, crafts, nature hikes, singing, and more.

Available at Butterworth and Woodhaven Day Camps.

Junior Instructor, Grades 10-12

Serving as a Junior Instructor at Camp Stonybrook’s Troop Adventure Camp is an awesome experience!  Throughout the summer, girls will develop their leadership and teamwork skills as they work with other Junior Instructors and staff members to provide an outstanding camp experience for the younger Girl Scouts, and they’ll also develop close friendships, have a great time, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Applications are due to Tori Houck at by March 30, 2018. Late applications will not be accepted. Interviews will be held at Camp Stonybrook on April 14.

Counselor-in-Training I, Grades 10 -12

This two-week opportunity is for girls who are ready to begin exploring the pathway to camp leadership at resident camp. Topics covered in training include: introduction to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, age and social characteristics of younger campers, essential skills needed to be a great counselor, and how to lead songs and games. CIT I’s will spend nights in their own unit and receive ongoing supervision and leadership guidance from the CIT Director, while building teamwork skills, and observing unit staff.

Counselor-in-Training II, Grades 11-12

This three-week opportunity is for the aspiring resident camp counselor. CIT II participants will spend nights in their own unit for the first week and receive ongoing supervision and leadership guidance from the CIT Director while learning the skills needed to be an outstanding camp counselor during the day. In week 2, girls will work all week with a unit, and in the third week the girls will shadow the program staff at camp in different specialty areas. CIT IIs will experience the challenges and rewards of working with younger girls through training that includes application of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, exploring the various leadership styles, learning positive behavior techniques, age and social characteristics, and resident camp skills.  Participants will have an opportunity to observe unit and program staff, evaluate experiences, and receive guidance from the CIT Director as they assist in units. Prerequisite: CIT I.

Junior Counselor, Grade 12

Girl who have completed both CIT I and II programs can apply to be a Junior Counselor at resident camp. This is an internship opportunity for girls to receive direct mentorship from the camp staff. Girls must participate in an application and interview process and be selected for the positions. Junior Counselors will attend a three-day pre-camp training June 2 – 4, 2018 at Camp Whip Poor Will. Junior counselors must intern a minimum of 2 weeks, one at Camp Whip Poor Will and one at Camp Libbey but may then choose additional weeks. Junior counselors may also intern during Troop Adventure Camp at Camp Libbey to gain new skills.

Prerequisites: CIT I and II, Junior Counselor application, references, and interview. Follow the camp registration process then contact Elizabeth Rogers at or call 567.225.3524 for an application and to set up an interview. If not selected as a Junior Counselor, you will be refunded in full.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take on a leadership position this summer at Girl Scout Camp!

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