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Three Reasons to Get Creative with your Troop

At Girl Scouts, we know that a rising tide lifts all boats. That’s why we’re excited to work with Kelsey Pytlik of Gild Collective in Cincinnati to bring more content to parents and troop leaders on the GSWO Blog! Take it away, Kelsey!

At Gild Collective, our mission from day one has been to inspire confidence in women through creativity and community — and the creativity piece is at the core of it all. We have seen the impact that creative projects can have on a room full of professionals, even the ones who are skeptical coming in, so we aim to educate our clients on why a creative project is so much more than just a craft. We know that these reasons apply to all age groups, so it’s important to encourage and inspire creativity in your Girl Scout troop!

Here are the 3 main reasons to get creative with your troop.

1. Everyone learns (and engages!) differently.

Creative projects help us learn and engage in a way that is personally successful for each of us. Physical learners (also known as kinesthetic or tactile learners), or those that learn through touch, can be under served in many educational and extracurricular settings. These learners may have varying interests and skills, and will ultimately all end up in all types of fields! Giving them the chance to interact physically with new topics is incredibly impactful on their experiences.

Even if you don’t create an actual craft, consider involving something that requires your participants to use their hands and sense of touch!

2. Creativity enhances bonds.

One of the main outcomes for Girl Scouts is the ability for girls to form and maintain healthy relationships. When a troop comes together, girls from different schools and backgrounds with different interests and hobbies find themselves sitting at the same table. While they may engage with one another during group activities, it isn’t until the creative process begins that participants “come out of their shells.” Nervousness, laughter, frustration, and pride are just some of the emotions that participants might experience while working on their creative project — all of which are best when shared!

3. It’s fun!

Some of the topics you will approach with your troop can be challenging — encouraging young girls to think deeply about who they are, what values will guide them, and how they can impact their community. These topics are critical to developing girls into strong leaders, but it can be helpful to mix in some lighter experiences and discussion into the brain-bending exercises.

When considering whether or not to get creative with your troop, think of the personal benefit you have gained when you have paired hard work with serious fun. Even if participants are wary of their creative abilities, the laughter and pride that comes from a finished product is always something that brings joy.

When you prioritize being creative with your troop, you are prioritizing enhanced learning, bonding, and fun. Not just that, but you are also providing the girls of your troop an outlet that may be far from their daily norms and learning. Watch and see where the conversation can go once the barriers have come down!

Excited to begin? Use the Badge Explorer to search for art badges your girls can work on this year!

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