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Bridging Guide: What to Look Forward to Next Year

The school year is coming to a close, which means its almost time to bridge!

Bridging is what we call your advancement to the next Girl Scout grade level. It’s a tradition in the Girl Scout world that involves working with a younger group of girls to show them what they can look forward to, and working with an older group of girls to learn what you can accomplish in the future. Then you host a ceremony to celebrate and complete the award!

Bridging might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You had a lot of fun this year and it doesn’t have to end! You can still do all the awesome things you did this past year, but now you have the opportunity to do so much more! Here are some things you can look forward to for the upcoming school year.

Blast Off to Brownie

Grade Levels 2-3 in the Fall

Brownies are ready to take on the world! Eager to learn new things and show off what they know, Brownies want to explore the world and meet new people. There are more council- and community-sponsored program opportunities available to girls in this age group. Brownies are now developmentally ready to take on new challenges and they want to do something big that makes them feel great!

Here are some things Girl Scout Brownies can do next year:

  • Sing the Brownie Smile song
  • Attend an overnight to prepare for camp
  • Sleep in tents and go on hikes
  • Visit cool museums or zoos
  • 3 journeys to choose from: Brownie Quest, Wow! Wonders of Water, and A World of Girls

Fly Up to Junior

Grade levels 4-5 in the Fall

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Girl Scout Junior! Juniors are real-life Supergirls that wake up every day ready to play new roles. She’s an explorer going camping for the first time. A CEO marketing and selling cookies. A scientist doing energy audits and going on nature walks. A product designer and writer earning her Innovation and Storytelling badges. Juniors are change makers, big-idea thinkers, and most of all, future leaders!

Here are some things you can try as a Girl Scout Junior:

  • Have an overnight at a science museum
  • Visit a wildlife preserve
  • Make a robot from scratch
  • Try archery and other new sports
  • 3 journeys to choose from: Agent of Change, Get Moving!, and aMUSE

Climb Up to Cadette

Grade levels 6-8 in the Fall

Cadettes take the lead! While making true-blue friends, Cadettes use their team power for the greater good by saving the planet and standing up against stereotypes. Whether its blazing new trails in the wilderness or writing and directing their own movies, Cadettes are guided by their curiosity and imagination to try all kinds of new experiences!

Here are some things you can look forward to as a Girl Scout Cadette:

  • Planning badge workshops for younger Girl Scouts
  • Going on a Destination or getaway trip to a cool new place
  • Gaining confidence by mentoring younger Girl Scouts
  • Earning the Girl Scout Silver Award!
  • 3 journeys to choose from: aMAZE, Breathe, and MEdia

Step Up to Senior

Grade levels 9-10 in the Fall

Seniors are ready to embrace new adventures and try new challenges! Seniors have more opportunities to develop their leadership skills and strive for change in the real world. Now that they’re in high school, Seniors can participate in the Girl Scout Advocacy Network, a group that advocates for change on behalf of girls by promoting issues in Congress and state legislatures. You may even be asked to serve as a GSUSA National Girl Consultant!

Here are some things you can work on as a Girl Scout Senior:

  • Joining a teen board
  • Going mountain biking or rock climbing
  • Going on an international Girl Scout Destination
  • Planning your Girl Scout Gold Award project
  • 3 journeys to choose from: GIRLtopia, Sow What?, and MISSION: SISTERHOOD!

Soar to Ambassador

Grade levels 11-12 in the Fall

Ambassadors have a lot to give. They want their voices to be heard and are excited to get involved with people and causes they care about. If you’re planning on going to college you can spend the night on a campus or attend a workshop run by Campus Girl Scouts. If you’re interested in politics you can learn how to lobby elected officials and visit the state capital to urge them to act on an issue you care about! And if you want to see the world, you can plan a trip to one of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts World Center. Whatever your interests are, an Ambassador has the skills and opportunities to explore!

Here are some things you can  participate in as a Girl Scout Ambassador:

  • Kicking butt in kickboxing
  • Going SCUBA diving
  • Exploring exciting careers in different fields
  • Completing your Girl Scout Gold Award!
  • 3 journeys to choose from: Your Voice, Your World; Justice; and Bliss

Cross the Bridge to Girl Scout Adult!

Congratulations! As a graduating Girl Scout Ambassador, it’s time to embrace everything you learned in Girl Scouting and step into the world as a young woman of courage, confidence and character. It’s time to begin your adult journey! You’ll join 59 million Girl Scout alums, connecting you to a worldwide sisterhood for life.

Here are some things you can do as a Girl Scout Adult:

  • Volunteer to guide a troop
  • Earn service learning credits by joining Campus Girl Scouts at college
  • Become a camp counselor
  • Chaperone a destination trip

Ready for more? Attend our Bridge To The Future event and join your Girl Scout sisters as we cross over the Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati to symbolize the advancement to the next Girl Scout grade level. Then celebrate with a short ceremony at Sawyer Point with games, crafts, food and entertainment!

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