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Camp Care Package Tips

Bags are packed, birds are chirping and the smell of bug spray is in the air. Your little one is off to resident camp! You might be thinking wait, that last squeeze goodbye is supposed to last how many days?! Of course, your camper will be in excellent hands but you can still send her a little something to help get through the week — a camp care package, that is!

Preparing a camp care package is a form of art. It reminds campers that there’s a life back home and despite it not having a zip-line in the backyard, home is still pretty great.

A great camp care package is stuffed with fun items your camper didn’t think of (or forgot!) to bring to camp. It’s got things she might need, downtime activities just for her, and a few things she can use with all her new friends. The following items are just a few things you can send to your camper to brighten up her week.

The Necessities

These items speak for themselves. They’re the things your camper might need an extra of throughout her time at camp.

Batteries for when she leaves her flashlight on all night. She told the best spooky ghost stories on night 2. Now it’s night 4 and she can’t find her way to the bathroom because her flashlight won’t turn on. Spare her the dark walk and send an extra set of batteries.

Pony-tail holders because who can hold onto those, anyway? These will come in handy when it’s time for hair makeovers, or she can use them to keep her sleeves rolled up on a hotter day.

Chapstick to replace the one that rolled under the bunk, never to bee seen again. Try out a fun flavor, like this S’mores lip balm sold in the Girl Scout Shop!

Extra bug spray because who has time to be itchy? Looking at bugs on your own terms is totally cool. Getting bitten, on the other hand… not so cool.

Extra sun screen along with a gentle reminder to Wear. At. All. Times. There is no time for sunburn at camp! Make sure your camper has enough sunscreen to protect her skin from harsh UV rays.

An extra pair of undies – or two! It never hurts to have an extra pair handy.

Cabin Fun

Here are a few items you camper can share with her bunk mates. We all know that sharing is caring, but it’s also a great way to make fast friends.

Madlibs to break the ice with new friends! Madlibs are funny, fill-in-the-blank stories that are great for group settings. One person asks the group for adjectives, nouns, verbs or some other word to fill in the word slots. After all the words have been chosen, the group plugs them into the story and reads aloud what crazy adventure they came up with!

A Frisbee to throw across the field. Playing catch is a laid-back game that campers can have fun with in between high-activity sports like scavenger hunts and capture the flag.

Friendship bracelet materials to solidify all those new friendships! Did you even make friends if you didn’t also make a bracelet? Well, of course. But bracelets are so much fun to make and wear.

Water toys to cool down in a fun way! Camp is jam-packed with all kinds of fun activities so there might not be a chance for a quick dip in the pool. Cool off in style with a game of water tag.

Glow sticks for those late night walks back from the campfire. They make great bracelets, necklaces and headbands, especially for our friends that might be a tad weary of the dark after lights out.

Just For Her

At camp you’re almost never alone, but everyone needs a little me-time here and there. These items give your camper some time to reflect and take a breath.

A note that reminds her what to look forward to when she comes home. Give her a quick update on life at home, tell her how much you miss her and that you can’t wait to hear all about her adventures when she gets back.

A coloring book for when she needs some alone time. Don’t forget the colored pencils! Coloring books can be therapeutic, especially after a long day of non-stop activities. Give her something that will help her wind down so she can rest easy and be ready to go go go again tomorrow!

Stationary so she can write you back! And to keep track of all the cool things she’s doing.

Any forgotten items, like that one t-shirt that was so perfect for camp but got held up in the wash. Or that light jacket you wanted her to bring for chilly nights around the camp fire that she didn’t pack because she “doesn’t need a coat in the summer!”

A disposable camera to capture those unforgettable memories. Great for photo albums or future scrapbooks, those snapshots can last a lifetime. Or, at least until she goes back to camp next year!

Another bandanna, because the first one has probably been through a lot by now. Bandanna’s are the ultimate camp accessory. Send her a fresh one so she can still show off her camp spirit.

When sending a camp care package, it is important to check-in with the camp your girl will be attending. Some programs may not allow certain items to be sent in care packages so it is important to know what and what not to send!

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