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6 Yummy Campfire Recipes to Try with Your Troop

If you ask a Girl Scout about her favorite outdoor activities, campfire cooking is always high on the list. There’s just something magical and memorable about making yummy treats (or whole meals) over the fire with your troop.

For your culinary enjoyment, we gathered some favorite campfire recipes that our staff remember from their Girl Scout youth. Test them out with your troop for one awesome campfire cookout!

Banana Boats

“I was a Girl Scout in the Treaty-Tri South area and we camped at Rolling Hills, Camp Maco-chee, and Whip Poor Will. I loved these banana boats! They were my favorite thing about camping. Snipe hunting was not my favorite thing.”

-Melissa Bray, Customer Care

“I have been a Girl Scout for over 50 years and making banana boats is one of my fondest memories. My Girl Scout troop would always have foiled dinners and banana boats on our first day of camping – they were our favorites! And we had to do them on the fire – no one ever considered making them in an oven or on a grill – over the open campfire was the best! I have warm memories of sitting around the campfire, singing songs, and eating our banana boats. Yum!”

-Roni Luckenbill, CEO

Dough Boys

“Very yummy. I learned to make these when my troop went camping and they were a winner. My sister and I shared this with the family and we made these during family camping outings. I love them best with a bit of butter and cinnamon and sugar.”

-Jeanette Smith, Customer Care

Dutch Oven Fajitas

“The first time I had these fajitas I was in the Counselor Aide Training (CAT) Program at Camp Libbey. I think we actually used spaghetti sauce and raw chicken at the time. It came out really good. I tried to recreate them with all the Program Specialists a few years later and this is how we made them. They were still really good.

For dessert if we weren’t doing one we were doing the other. Turtles and banana boats were always the way to go!”

-Chelsea Hinojosa, Program and Partnerships

Pot of Gold Soup

“This is a super easy recipe and you most likely have all of the ingredients. My kids love this soup, anything my kids love is a bonus. I remember my mom making this when we were growing up and we would fight for the dumplings.”

-Casey Rinella, Community Engagement


“This is a tried and true favorite for a reason. Out of all the things my troop tried over the campfire (some great, some epic fails) we never got tired of this one. You can make them with different types of chocolate, different cookies (like Thin Mints!), there are are so many different ways to make this classic. And the best part? It’s Girl Scout official! The first official recipe for a s’more came out in the 1927 Girl Scout guidebook “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.” Pretty nifty, right?”

-Megan Ramey, Program and Partnerships

Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwiches

“Whenever I went to camp, I always loved making grilled peanut butter sandwiches over the campfire! Just put a peanut butter sandwich in a pie iron and stick it over the campfire. There are so many ways you can customize it, too! You can put some banana slices in it, or make it a dessert with Nutella and marshmallow whip. Yum!”

-Caitlin Honard, Marketing

Hungry for more campfire recipes? Check out The Wilderness Society’s Campfire Cookbook and get ready to make some tasty memories with your Girl Scouts!

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