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7 Vintage Camp Songs That We Still Love!

What’s that noise echoing through the summer air? It’s the sound of a group of campers’ singing (and often laughing) their way through a longstanding Girl Scout tradition: camp sing-a-longs! From marching songs to fireside serenades, there’s a song for almost any occasion at camp and girls love to sing them all!

Although new songs crop up every summer, you can still hear some beloved vintage (or “well-seasoned”) songs ringing through the air at Girl Scout camps across the nation, connecting our past and present like one long harmonious melody. What are some of those seasoned Girl Scout camp songs? While there are too many to list, here are some former camp staff’s favorite vintage songs. Listen to them all and see if you recognize an old favorite!

G for Generosity

Alice the Camel


Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic!

Princess Pat


Camp Whip Poor Will Song

Some call it fun but me I call it madness
Come along with us and wipe away the sadness
Happy Campers are we living under the tree
But when we are done we’ll remember this song
Because we are Camp
Camp Whippoorwill
Camp Whippoorwill

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While the favorite songs of the summer may change over the years (or even weekly), and the verses and movements don’t always match from camp to camp (we’re looking at you, Princess Pat!), what doesn’t change is the Girl Scouts’ tradition of song. So pick your favorite and join in with your troop!

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