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Are You Man Enough to be a Girl Scout? These 5 Superstar Volunteers Are!

We believe that when girls succeed, so does society. And what’s the best way you can help girls (and society) succeed?  Being a youth mentor!

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.” — Denzel Washington

So we ask you, gentleman: are you ready to be a mentor for your daughter?  For girls in your neighborhood?  Are you man enough to be a Girl Scout? For these five men, the answer was “YES”! 

Bill Anderson, Whitehouse Daisy Leader

Bill received the Volunteer of Excellence Award his first year as a volunteer for the work he does with the girls in his troop.  Understanding the value of providing a girl-led program even in first grade he kicked the year off by ensuring the girls know about the badges, Journeys, and program opportunities they could participate in and let the girls decide the direction of the troop.  The girls really got excited about the outdoor pathway and a few of the other program events and Bill went about creating a calendar that took all their input and abilities into account.  He started them off small with outdoor activities and, keeping progression in mind, created opportunities for them to try new things as they worked up to a bigger camping opportunity.

Under his leadership, the girls had a successful Girl Scout Cookie Program.  They learned about goal setting, the product, selling techniques, and more.  They set a goal and they hit their target!  The troop also participated in the Mall Lock-in at Franklin Park Mall and had a great time.  Bill believes that every girl should be included and found other Girl Scout Daisies at the mall with just their mom and he invited them to join their group and have fun with other girls their age.  According to his co-leader, “Bill goes the extra mile for the troop. The girls love the troop meetings and all the activities Bill plans for them.  Bill is a wonderful role model!”

Tyler Grigsby, Enon Troop Assistant

As a troop assistant, Tyler is a technical guru and big influence on his daughter’s troop.  Last fall he helped put together a special ‘hands-on’ science day for the 19 girls in the troop and has also helped the troop’s Juniors with earning their robotics badges.  He got really into helping them make prototypes and the girls loved it!

This past summer he spearheaded an event when the girls said they wanted to do something for a local 911 dispatcher that had lost her house to a house fire.  He helped lead the girls each step of the way, with the leaders supporting him.  His heart is for service and he has taught the girls to have the confidence to believe they can make a difference, the courage to ask for what they needed, and the character to give up their time and to give  to help someone in need. For all this and more, Tyler was recently awarded the Volunteer of Excellence award. What a perfect example of a Girl Scout volunteer as well as a Girl Scout dad!

Schawn Hennessy, Tipp City Brownie Leader

Schawn has an extraordinary amount of passion for his troop and Girl Scouts in general.  He’s an advocate for activities being led by the girls, encouraging the girls to take the lead in collecting dues, doing kapers, and in important traditions like flag ceremonies at troop meetings.  Parents noticed how proud and serious the girls take these roles and the confidence that comes along with them.

“When I first met Schawn at my daughter’s troop meeting, I was a little overwhelmed by his intensity and passion. Being a person who had never done Girl Scouts, I had no idea how involved it could be. It was after spending more time with him and seeing how the girls have grown that I understood his passion was based in seeing these young girls become successful, capable young adults that will be our future. I am very grateful for all of his hard work for the troop.” -a parent from Schawn’s troop

Schawn also helped girls beyond his troop have opportunities, starting a pinewood derby for members of his local volunteer service unit and then expanding it to include Troy and Piqua troops, as well as sharing his love of the outdoors by being a volunteer unit leader at Miami Valley day camp. For all of his efforts to help girls grow strong both in his troop and in Miami county, Schawn received the Volunteer of Excellence award.

Ryan Warner, Cincinnati Brownie Leader

Starting new troops in the College Hill area has been a recurring challenge, and in 2017 Ryan stepped up to meet that challenge as the new troop leader for his daughter’s age level. When Ryan saw a need for leadership in his local volunteer service unit, he added Service Unit Co-Manager to his list of duties.

He has done excellent work supporting volunteers and developing opportunities for their service unit and their circle, helping recruit and retain volunteers and adults, members, direct support to leaders and girls, educating the community about Girl Scouting, acting as a communication center for volunteers, providing activities that reflect the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and providing ongoing coaching and education.

“Ryan is always friendly, helpful, considerate, and caring not because he has to be, but because that is his genuine personality when people meet him. Ryan is awesome!”

John Betts, Vandalia and Huber Heights Troop Leader and Program Facilitator

John, also known as “Trekker,”  has taken “to make an impact, you have to get involved” to heart as he inspires girls across our council to love the outdoors, test their STEM skills, and more!  As the leader of not one, but three troops, John is helping girls grow into the leaders of tomorrow by building their skills through badges and Girl Scout traditions today.

Through his efforts in leading outdoor program events in our council, girls have honed their canoeing, hiking, and backpacking skills as well as other outdoor opportunities. He’s highly active in our summer camps too, volunteering his time multiple weeks throughout the summer making sure girls get an amazing camp experience.  You can also find John facilitating some of our council’s STEM events, such as Rocketry and the Cardboard Board Regatta and Journey Programs!

Feeling inspired to get involved by these amazing Girl Scout volunteers? Ready to share your skills, heart, and time with the leaders of tomorrow? Then it’s time to be man enough to be a Girl Scout! Contact our Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 to start your adventure today.

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