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Spread the Word about Girl Scouts!

Has your troop had a fun-tastic year in Girl Scouts? Do you want to help new girls have the same experience? Help us get those new girls started and earn a neat Helping Hands patch in the process!

There are two awesome ways to get the Helping Hands patch, so get your troop together and choose your own adventure!

Option 1: Choose TWO of the Following:

  • Create posters or a display about Girl Scouts and display it at your church, library, or other location in your community. Include an action you want people to take, like “Go online and register today!” Take a picture of it to send in with your patch request.
  • Participate in a local fair, parade, or other community event where you hand out information about Girl Scouts.
  • Facilitate a Girl Scout table at your school’s open house.
  • Volunteer to work at your school’s Girl Scout recruitment night. Lead activities for the girls while their parents learn about the awesomeness of Girl Scouts.
  • Arrange with your principal or classroom teacher to sponsor a Girl Scout school day! Wear uniforms, make posters, and perform a skit about Girl Scouting.

Option 2: Choose ONE of the Following:

  • Sponsor an event to show girls how much fun it is to be a Girl Scout! Create an invitation or an awesome flier and pass them out.
  • With your leader, lead a series of meetings for girls who want to be Girl Scouts.

Don’t forget! once you’ve completed your activities, send a short paragraph with photos to your Recruitment Manager to get your patch.

Have questions? Not sure who your Recruitment Manager is? The Customer Care Team is here to help! Contact them at 888.350.5090 or

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