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It’s Not Just a Cookie: From Cookie Rookie to Entrepreneur, Girl Scout Style!

Did you know that 50% of female business leaders wore Girl Scout green in their youth? That’s an awesome track record of building future entrepreneurs. How do we do it? Through our awesome Cookie Program, and its 5 skills, of course!

What are the 5 skills? Decision making, goal setting, money management, people skills, and business ethics are what our girls are learning as they’re earning money for troop activities and it’s these skills that set them apart as entrepreneurs. And while every Girl Scout doesn’t aspire to be an entrepreneur who owns her own business, the skills she develops through the Cookie Program will benefit her in her future, no matter what path she chooses.

So how does she build her entrepreneurship skills?

Like with most Girl Scout programs it’s all about progression. A first year Daisy won’t burst out of the gate with a full marketing campaign, 200+ cookie customers, a mission statement and ideal customer base. But a second year Daisy (with some awesome coaching from adults like her parents and/or troop leader) will have a better plan for hitting her goal than she did one year before. And her skills and confidence can just keep on growing each year until she’s gone from a Cookie Rookie to an Entrepreneur. Progression at its best!

Entrepreneurship Progression Steps

So what are the steps she goes through from rookie to rock star entrepreneur? Check out our tips below before you start helping your Girl Scout build her skills!

Decision Making

It starts with learning money basics, from what a coin and paper money looks like and how that equates to a package of cookies. She will learn the different ways to sell and might participate in one or all of them.

Goal Setter

Next she will work collaboratively with her troop to decide what their program year will look like — what activities they want to do and what projects they want to take on. Here she will learn about her product, the different varieties and price points, and work together to come up with ways to sell the cookies.

Consumer Expert

The troop will take those activities that they want to accomplish this year and make a goal for the year. Collectively they will make a plan on how they are going to reach their goal. At this point the discussions begin on how they will use their proceeds to help others by doing community service or a Take Action project!

Cookie Techie

Next is where it she dives into the consumer world, creating a list of her potential customers and listing the reasons why people buy cookies. She will develop, practice, and solidify her perfect customer pitch. Here is where she will practice telling the customers about what the troop is doing with their proceeds and how their purchase benefits the girls directly. Don’t forget to include unique ways to thank her customers!


Time to venture into the online market! Here she’ll use technology to market and grow her business. She’ll set specific goals tied to online marketing and digital sales. The troop can make a video promoting their online storefront and sales pitch. They can take it a step further by promoting gift giving to boost their sales or suggesting donations like Cookies for a Cause.


Here is where she’ll start to take her skills beyond the Cookie Program and think about products or services that could be improved upon. She’ll begin talking to other businesses for inspiration or businesses women or men that she looks up to and is interested in their business specifically. She can create solutions for the problems she see in service or products, be prepared to fail, and know that it’s okay! It’s this crucial step where she’ll truly start to explore the entrepreneurship experience outside of Girl Scouts.


And finally she’ll take her business ideas to the next level by creating a mission statement and identifying a customer base. She can practice sharing her business ideas and understand any competition that she may be up against. She’ll learn more about her future business, make a financial plan, and TAKE ACTION!

Through all of the steps above your Girl Scout is building entrepreneurship skills that will help her take the lead in her life and equip her to join the ranks of Girl Scout female business owners and CEOs. And that’s how you go from a rookie to an entrepreneur, Girl Scout style!

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