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Highest Awards: Examples of Community Needs for Your Take Action Project

When planning your Take Action project, sometimes it’s hard to identify a broad community issue to later focus your research and investigative efforts around. That’s one reason why the Girl Scout Journeys already have themes that walk you through discovering more about a topic, making connections with the issue locally and globally, and using the things you discovered and the connections you identified as a guide when planning your Take Action project.

But when you’re choosing an issue for your highest awards project, there are no themes to use as a guide. You can choose from so many different things that it can feel overwhelming to get started. Where do you even begin? To help you out, we’ve got some great ideas grouped into categories below outlining community needs that make for awesome starting points for a Take Action project.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through, find an issue that fits your skill set and aligns with the value important to you, and then start researching all you can about the root cause of that issue in your own community so you can build your highest awards plan. You go, girls!

Civic Engagement

  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Public Policy
  • Voting

Community Development

  • Civic/Public Infrastructure
  • Homeless Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Community Clean-up
  • Social Services
  • Volunteer Capacity/Management
  • Historic Preservation
  • Animal Care Services
  • Independent Living Assistance

Economic Development

  • Financial Literacy
  • Workforce Development
  • Financial Asset Development
  • Technology Access

Disaster Recovery and Relief

  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Relief


  • Literacy
  • Computer Literacy
  • Special Education Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Classroom Education
  • Job Preparedness

Environment and Energy

  • Clean Air
  • Environmental Protection/Restoration
  • Clean Water
  • Weatherization
  • Energy Conservation
  • Indoor Environment
  • Environment Awareness

Health & Wellness/Nutrition

  • Disabilities Services
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Nutrition Education
  • Food Distribution/Collection
  • Health & Wellness Education
  • Substance Abuse Prevention/Rehabilitation
  • Food Production
  • Maternal/Child Health Services
  • Aid to Seniors/Elders
  • Health Services Delivery
  • Mental Health Services

Public Safety

  • Accident Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Victim/Witness Services
  • Community Policing
  • Fire Prevention
  • Public Safety Education
  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Legal Assistance
  • Crime Awareness/Prevention
  • Offender/Ex-Offender Services/Rehabilitation

Youth Development

  • Children & Youth Safety
  • Juvenile Justice Services
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Delinquency Prevention
  • Teen Pregnancy/Parenting Services
  • Gang Prevention/Rehabilitation
  • Youth Leadership Development

Veterans Assistance

  • Housing Assistance
  • Military Family Assistance
  • Veteran Employment Services
  • Outreach and Counseling
  • Veteran Disabilities/Rehabilitation Assistance

A big thank you to Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast, who created this list of examples for their members and graciously shared it with our council so we could adapt it for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. You gals rock!

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