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Girl Scout Traditions: World Thinking Day

Girl Scouts are part of a global sisterhood stretching around our planet like a giant sparkling friendship bracelet. And we celebrate that sisterhood with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 different countries every year on February 22 during World Thinking Day (WTD)!

Thinking Day is a day of international friendship for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Each year the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) chooses a theme, and in 2019 that theme is An Adventure Through Time!

World Thinking Day 2019 is dedicated to the group of girls who took the lead in 1909 and demanded Lord Baden-Powell create “something for the girls.” Girls will explore the history of our Movement and have the opportunity to practice taking the lead through the chances and choices of our present and future. Be prepared for an exciting adventure!

Don’t let your Girl Scout miss out on this great opportunity to be a part of a global movement. Download your activity packet today and help her earn her World Thinking Day Award!

How to Earn the World Thinking Day Award

  1. Be prepared to travel through time. Get the group ready by building their time machines.
  2. Play the game and let the adventure begin! Make sure you experience some of our Lost in Time challenges.
  3. It’s #TimeToLead! Explore the leadership practices you have collected and build your inspiring leader.

Don’t forget to order her a World Thinking Day Award once she’s completed all of the requirements!