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What Is Cookies For A Cause?

Wondering what we mean when we say Cookies for a Cause? Well, most simply, it is the re-branding of our Operation Cookie Donation Program. This year Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will be supporting 4 types of organizations through our annual Cookie Program with donations of everyone’s favorite cookies. What are those 4 types of organizations?

  • Military
  • Food Pantries
  • Veterans
  • Health Services

Why are we changing up our cookie donation program? It’s not because Operation Cookie wasn’t awesome. It was! Operation Cookie has been a huge success over the last few years! Since 2011 we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of boxes of cookies to the men and women in the military through Heroes in Action.  Just in 2018 we donated over 100,000 packages, 20,000 MORE than 2017.

Heroes in Action is a military outreach non-profit based out of Toledo, Ohio that sends care packages to the troops overseas and supports wounded soldiers here in the US.

As the program grew, because of the generosity and excitement from our Girl Scouts and their customers, we realized our program was ready to expand its reach. We had outgrown Heroes in Action as the sole recipient of our donation program—they had more cookies than what they could distribute reasonably!

At the same time that we were evolving the program, we were given the opportunity to partner with Kroger to support their Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Initiative at our local cookie booths. It was perfect timing! Kroger is working hard to end hunger in their communities and Girl Scouts are all about helping those in need! So what does that mean? Every package of cookies donated at a Kroger Cookie Booth will be donated to one of Kroger’s partnered food banks! 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger and while Kroger is working to provide them with food security, and we know that those that are hungry deserve a box of happiness just like everyone else.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order cookies to be donated? Work with your favorite Girl Scout! Whether in person or online, you can easily donate packages by choosing the donate option on the order card or at a Digital Cookie Storefront.

Can I choose where the cookies go? We have already worked with our partners to identify how many packages of cookies they can accommodate and will deliver them at the end of the program based on their unique needs.

Who are the specific partners? You can find the list below with links to their websites for more information! You can also follow us on Facebook for weekly spotlights on our partners! Check back as this list will continue to grow as we confirm partners in each of our regions, Cincinnati (South), Dayton and Lima (Central), and Toledo (North)

Troop leaders looking for more info, check your Cookie Book or talk to your Troop Cookie Manager on how this program supports your Girl Scouts’ goals and how the logistics work!

How To Talk To Your Girls About This Program

Girl Scouts are all about giving back! We are built for community service and take action project,s and the cookie donation program is no exception! Use this as an opportunity to talk to you Girl Scout about why it is important to help others. Here are some ideas for questions you can ask with your girls.

Depending on the age level of you girls, you may want to first explain what the four types of organizations are and what each organization does for people.

Military: Do you know anyone that is in the military? What do you think would be hard about being in the military? What would you miss most about being away from home? How would receiving a box of Girl Scout Cookies make you feel? What else could we do to help the military, and thank them for their service?

Health Care Services: Have you ever been so sick or hurt that you had to stay in a hospital? Do you know someone who has? What helped you feel better? Who helps you feel better when you are hurt or sick? What do you think happens behind the scenes to help make sick people better? How do you think a box of cookies helps? What else could you

Food Pantries: Did you know that some people go to bed without eating any food? How do you think that feels? What if you didn’t get to eat for a few days? Do you ever have more than enough food? What would it look like to share when you have more than enough? How do you think it would feel to get a box of cookies? How else can we help those that are hungry?

Veterans: Have you ever listened to stories from someone that used to be in the military? Someone that fought in a war to help protect us? What did you learn? What would be hard about being in the military? Why is it important to show our appreciation to those that protected us? How would a box of cookies make someone feel appreciated? How else can you say Thank You to a veteran?

Our Partners

Food Banks:

Shared Harvest

Freestore Foodbank

The Dayton Foodbank

West Ohio Foodbank

Toledo Foodbank

The Dayton VA Food Pantry

Military Organizations:

Heroes in Action and 180th

The Miami Valley Military Affairs Association


Yellow Ribbon Support Center

Veterans Organizations:

The Dayton VA

The Lima CBOC

The Toledo VA

Health Care Organizations:

Ronald McDonald House Charities of NW Ohio

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton

Cincinnati Area Senior Services

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