Ceremonies, Traditions, & Awards

“I Will Do My Best to Be…”

Girl Scouts of all ages–all the way back to the beginning of the movement in 1912–share in reciting the Girl Scout Promise & Law. Although there have been some changes to these words over the decades due to our ever changing world, they remain the core of Girl Scouts, uniting numerous girls globally for over 100 years. Every individual girl is incredibly unique, so connecting to these words on a personal level is key to their power and unification!

Girl Scouts is inclusive of all girls and encourages them to define who they are, recognize how they are special, and to use their gifts to change the world. Every single girl has her own story, background, values, opinions, feelings, interests, beliefs, and skills. So every Girl Scout is going to interpret and find special meaning to every line while reciting the Girl Scout Promise and Law! To many girls, this includes their spirituality.

Girls of various religions will find that the Girl Scout Law has many similar principles and values as that of their faith. Upon reflection, girls can develop a stronger personal connection with who they are and what Girl Scouting means to them. Girl Scouts being non-sectarian makes space for each girl to be accepted and become more fully who they are. Girls who feel accepted as they are will feel more empowered to lead now and in the future. One way Girl Scouts of any age are encouraged to explore connecting their spiritual values to their Girl Scout experience is with My Promise, My Faith.

The My Promise, My Faith award takes girls of all ages on a wonderful journey to learn more about themselves, what in the Girl Scout Law has special meaning to them spiritually, and how to connect with others with similar or different beliefs. These exercises can be applied to any faith at all, and is an inspiring reminder that no matter who she is and what she believes, it is all a special part of who she is and who she is as a Girl Scout.

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