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Thinking Outside the Cookie Box: 4 Non-Traditional Booth Locations

Booth sales are coming and if you’re looking for some non-traditional location ideas that have paid off for our troops, here are some outside the box ideas we’ve collected over the years from creative girls and their leaders. Sometimes choosing the road (or booth location) less traveled can make all the difference!

If there are people there, put a booth there!

Great places to sell cookies are anyplace there are a lot of people – outside church services, at school sporting events, craft or garden shows, events at local fairgrounds, retirement or assisted living facilities, apartment/condo complexes, farmer’s markets, local civic organizations such as Elks, Eagles, VFW (also great places to ask for Cookies for a Cause donations). Even a small business can be a great location if it’s located in a high traffic area. Be creative. Get the girls involved in the brain-storming.

Decorate Your Car!

A Got Cookies? We Do! sign on a car window can be a great way to drum up sales. One leader sold whole cases out of her mini-van on her way home from a cookie booth because she stopped for gas at a popular truck stop and drivers saw the sign. She sold more in 10 minutes at that location than their entire 2 hour cookie booth!

Host a Garage Booth!

An enterprising troop hosted a pop up booth in the leader’s driveway/garage. The girls went around the neighborhood the week before and hung door hangers with the day and time of their booth encouraging people to stop and buy. They provided hot cocoa and music to their neighbors who came by to get their cookie fix.

Drive-Through Cookie Booth!

Find a busy area that has a parking lot with easy access, making sure to get permission from the business in the area of the parking lot first. Put up a pop up tent, table and tons of decorations and put signs by the road or girls in cookie costumes. Customers drive in the parking lot and up to the tent where girls sell the cookies to these customers and the customers exit the parking lot. Watch the video below from Little Brownie Bakers to see how a troop in Akron, OH put this idea into action.

Have another outside the box booth idea? Send it to your region’s product sales manager and we’ll share it out. Let’s make this an awesome year for booth sales!