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6 Ways to Find Success at Your Cookie Booths

Cookie booth season is almost upon us! Troops are hitting up stores and community centers across western Ohio to set up tables, meet with customers, and sell some Girl Scout Cookies.

And the best part? Girls get to do amazing things with their cookie earnings. So, what are some ways troops can find success at your cookie booths to earn more (and therefore experience more)? Here are 6 of our favorites!

1. Wear Your Uniform!

Girl Scout uniforms are incredibly iconic. Everyone recognizes them! Wearing your uniform helps people instantly recognize that it’s a Girl Scout cookie booth, and makes you seem more trustworthy.

Plus, as a Girl Scout myself, I love seeing everything different girls have accomplished. It allows customers to ask questions and get to know more about the girls (and what Girl Scouts is all about)!

2. Bling Your Booth!

If you’ve got a creative group of Girl Scouts, try your hands at Bling Your Booth! Decorate your cookie booth and make it as eye-catching as possible!

Bonus points if you go with a theme! One year, Troop 45254 from Mason went with a construction theme when selling Girl Scout Cookies at Lowe’s!

3. Display & Discuss Your Goals

As you’re designing your booth, make sure to leave room to display your troop’s goals! Are you saving up for a big trip to Europe? Or maybe your troop wants to go to TAC camp this summer?

Display it proudly on your booth with a thermometer that the girls color in after each booth sale. Discuss it with every customer. Helping people see how their purchase will impact these girls is a huge selling point, and makes it more likely that they’ll buy a box or two!

4. Know Where the Money Goes

And since we’re talking about earnings, make sure you (and your girls!) know where the money goes.

After we pay the baker for the cookies, 100% of the proceeds stays with our council in western Ohio. Every service provided by Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is subsidized for our members. The Girl Scout Cookie Program not only gives girls funds for the troop, but it also supports all of our services to volunteers, parents, and girls!

It’s helpful to print out a few copies of How the Cookie Crumbles to display on the table for customers to look at.

5. Promote Cookies for a Cause!

While it may seem uncommon, you may meet people who can’t eat Girl Scout Cookies (bummer, right?). Whether they have dietary restrictions or are giving up sweet treats for a bit, there’s another way for them to support the Girl Scout Cookie Program: Cookies for a Cause!

Remind customers that if they can’t eat ’em, treat ’em! They can buy a box (or five!) and donate them to Cookies for a Cause. We partner locally with several organizations serving the military and veterans, healthcare service non-profit organizations, and food banks!

6. Be Appreciative, Even When They Say No.

And finally, make sure you’re always appreciative, even when customers say no! As the Girl Scout law says, Girl Scouts do their best to be “honest and fair, considerate and caring.” That applies to customers and non-customers alike!

And if they do say no, it’s okay to let them know the next time your troop will be at a booth in case they change their mind!

Booth season is an awesome opportunity to earn money for your troop and accomplish exciting things. Implementing even one of these six tips can help you find even more success this year!

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