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What is Family Giving?

We are at a critical time for girls.

As women and girls continue to face challenges related to gender bias, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is inspiring, preparing, and mobilizing girls and those who care about them to lead positive change.

Given a safe space for learning, experimentation, and community, Girl Scouts see a clear path to leadership and learn to take purposeful action.

That’s where Family Giving comes in.

What is Family Giving?

Family Giving is an opportunity for families to give back to Girl Scouts of Western Ohio to ensure that life-changing programming is available for all girls across western Ohio, regardless of their ability to pay.

Families can make one-time gifts to Family Giving, or they can contribute a set amount monthly!

What Does Family Giving Do?

Your support helps provide assistance for:

  • Keeping the cost of our council programs and camps low,
  • Providing financial support to girls from low-income households, and
  • Supporting troops, service units, and volunteers!

Plus, your investment in Girl Scouts results in girls:

  • Having a stronger sense of self,
  • Developing positive values,
  • Seeing challenges and learning from setbacks,
  • Developing and maintaining healthy relationships, and
  • Exhibiting community problem-solving skills!

Pretty amazing, right?

Plus, be Girl Scout Proud!

New this year is an exciting gift for families who donate $50 or more to Family Giving!

Are you Girl Scout Proud? Show it off with the Girl Scout Proud hat, which is available only through Family Giving!

Help ensure Girl Scouts is for all girls, regardless of their ability to pay. Make a gift to Family Giving today!

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