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Ten Positive Benefits of Going Tech-Free at Camp

Whether we want help finding our way through a vast park using a GPS, or want to look up what kind of breathtaking tree we cross paths with during a hike, technology can be a useful tool when outdoors.

In today’s society, you rarely see anyone not connected due to the modern conveniences technology brings. Despite the conveniences, there are several benefits to going tech-free outside. Girl Scouts have access to lots of outdoor opportunities, and camp is the perfect place to take advantage of these positives!

  1.  Connection: Being globally connected digitally expands our reach, but ironically, the more isolated we feel. Less face-to-face interaction occurs, and staying in becomes the norm. Humans crave connection, so get around others and feel happier!
  2. Full Activation of Senses: To use all of our senses is to engage in life more fully. Focusing on a device requires us to block out some of our senses and pay less attention to our surroundings. Think of that person who bumps into you on the sidewalk while looking at their phone. Using all of our senses to take in our natural surroundings makes us feel fully alive and present!
  3. Inclusion: Girls coming together just as they are promotes social inclusion, regardless of race, class, ability, and more. When given green space to explore, girls will be more likely to use their imaginations and invent their own games together.
  4. Participation: FOMO (fear of missing out) is a big problem in our digitally connected world, especially for teens! When you watch the highlight reel of others having experiences on a device, it can feel defeating. Going tech-free at camp means having an opportunity to live in the moment, and getting to have your own experiences, without worrying about what others may or may not be doing.
  5. Exercise: Our bodies are made to move. A distraction-free camping experience is going to get you up and moving more, which is exactly what our bodies need!
  6. Leave Comfort Zone: Choosing to stay in more is keeping us too comfy at home. Girls need to learn the ability of managing risks and solving problems in a safe environment. Camp provides exactly that! Trying new things, problem solving together, and overcoming fears is a huge self-esteem boost and a valuable lesson in self-awareness.
  7. Problem Solving: It’s easy to hit up a web browser when we are unsure of something. Without that option, let’s see what we can figure out on our own. We can learn to solve some of our own problems and that’s empowering!
  8. Access: Many kids do not have regular access to safe green spaces. Camp can provide this outlet, and going tech-free allows girls to fully embrace the outdoor experience.
  9. Imagination: Our world is filled with activities that require full attention and focus. That can drain us. Being out in nature entertains us, while still allowing space for our minds to wander. This helps us unwind, refuel, and counter daily stress.
  10. Preservation: Fully engaging with nature activates that sense of wonder. The feeling of being a part of a bigger world outside of just ourselves. This leads to a need or a passion to protect it. Preserving nature relies on us staying connected to it.

Getting outside and giving it our full attention benefits us and it benefits nature. So what are you waiting for? Space is still available in many of our summer camp opportunities. Head to and find the outdoor experience that is just right for you.

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