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Girl Scout Destinations: Cassie’s Scuba and Sea Turtle Adventure

Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older! With different trips every year based around themes like outdoor, conservation, careers, animals and many more, there’s sure to be something that your Girl Scout would enjoy!

In the summer of 2018 Cassie explored the tropical waters of Panama on the Scuba & Sea Turtle Destination trip. Here is her story:

The Scuba and Sea Turtle Adventure was so much more than just scuba diving and saving sea turtles. While in Panama we stayed on an island on the property of some natives to the area. The family generously let us stay on their covered dock with a kitchen area. Having the opportunity to stay on the island and live how the family lives every day taught me how to see life differently.

The children on the island loved to come and play with us as much as we loved playing with them. Kids in America thrive on television, electricity, and phones. On the island nobody had any of that so kids weren’t attached to them. The kids had to go out and find something to do. The boys would play in the ocean near the dock or have an older relative take them out on the boat for some water sports; such as kneeboarding or wakeboarding. It is against the family’s religion for girls to go in the water. So instead the girls would play with their dolls. All the kids love helping with the family gas station, coloring with us and playing fun games with each other.

Running water in our homes is seen as vital in America. On the family’s property there is three spouts. One supplied clean drinkable water. Another supplied the water for the children’s rinses. They basically just took a bucket of water and dumped it on their head, no soap involved. Also this water was used for the washing the clothes. The last water spout was in a small enclosed area with the toilet and other bucket shower area for guests and older family members.

All of this made me see life differently because it showed me that you don’t need a lot of things to live well, You just need a caring family and happiness. I can’t put into words how happy those kids were. When we gave them toys on the last day, I wish I could explain how their faces lit up. Those kids taught me one more important lesson. You don’t need to speak the same language as someone to communicate well. All you need is a smile and some laughter. Those kids had no idea what we were saying and we had no idea what they were saying but I love them and they love us just the same. We communicated through facial expressions, hugs, tickles, coloring and laughter. Being with those kids has changed my life for the better.

Ready for your own Destination?

What do you think of Cassie’s story? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

If your Girl Scout is ready to pack her bags and head out for some life-changing experiences then it’s time you explored Girl Scout Destinations. The deadline for 2019 applications is December 1, 2019 so don’t delay! Check out the options and start planning a Girl Scout Destinations adventure!

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