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Experience Girl Scouts as a Family with the Family Adventure Patch!

We know that girls benefit from Girl Scouts whether or not they’re in a troop setting. So whether you’re going to troop meetings or just spending time together as a family, you can be utilizing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Not sure where to begin? Well good news, there’s now a patch for that—the Family Adventure Patch!

Complete at least six of the activities below and post a photo or video of you and your family engaged in an activity to social media (tag with #GirlScoutsFamilyAdventure).

The first 100 members who visit a council store and show us their Girl Scout family photo on social media will receive a free patch. Additional patches will be available for purchase in council stores.

Ready to begin? Here are your activities!

  1. Show your Girl Scout spirit! Rock your favorite Girl Scout gear and have your family members wear Girl Scout green.
  2. Make s’mores together over a campfire, in an oven, or even in  a microwave—a sweet Girl Scout tradition. Did you know Girl Scouts is credited with creating the s’mores recipe?
  3. Research Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, and have a discussion about her life during dinner.
  4. Interview your family members to find out if they were Girl Scouts. Learn what was different and same then versus now.
  5. Spend time outdoors together. Go on  a hike, take a nature walk, go camping, or pursue another outdoor adventure as a family.
  6. Identify an issue in the community that is important to your family, and do a community service project together.
  7. Attend a Girl Scout event together.
  8. Find out how your family can help your Girl Scout troop.
  9. Visit the G.I.R.L. Resource Center at your regional office, and explore the retail store to see what badges you may want to earn.
  10. Show your troop leader appreciation, by writing or drawing a thank you note.

We’re so excited for you to embark on this adventure as a family! Don’t forget, use the hashtag #GirlScoutsFamilyAdventure on social media!

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