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Becoming a Girl Scout: Intern Edition

Girl Scouts is all about paving new ways, tackling goals and building up confidence through self-discovery. During my time interning here at Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, I have been able to learn all about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the feeling of tradition this organization brings to its members and overall who Girl Scouts really are.

My passion for this organization has grown tremendously these past couple months. Prior to this experience I knew very little about this organization; I didn’t grow up a Girl Scout, but I did briefly serve as a volunteer. My first week at Girl Scouts, I felt the sense of community and the love the staff has for each other and for Girl Scouts. They welcomed me in and the change I wanted to bring to this organization.

My expectation when coming into this internship was to complete my objectives and requirements that I needed to graduate. I wanted to help instill new activities, advance programs and impact this organization with my educational background. While working on these achievements, I began to realize growth within myself, and what everyone had been talking about when they spoke about their passion for Girl Scouts.

I was able to serve girls and volunteers in many different aspects, by shadowing different staff members in school programs, service unit meetings, Spring Break Day Camp and the detention center. I discovered the true value of making programs girl-led, and the power that this organization gives not only the girls, but to the volunteers and staff members. Through these opportunities I was able to observe and experience the ins and outs of how this organization serves girls. I then applied this background knowledge to develop resources to help create a more inclusive experience for every G.I.R.L.

I have seen first hand girls overcome new challenges, build special friendships and learn more about the world around them. Not only have I seen this through my experiences but I have felt it within myself as well. Even though I’m not in elementary or high school anymore I feel more empowered and confident about taking my next steps in my life. I believe that the true goal when Juliette Gordon Low formed this wonderful organization was for it to give a girl what she needed without her realizing it from the beginning. Whether it be making a new friend at school, the feeling of achievement, or to experience the world through new adventures. Each member of Girl Scouts truly lives out the Girl Scout values and are always trying to better the world around them.

This world is rapidly changing around us. There is no going back, only moving forward. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is pushing onward and are open to advancing who they are, and who girls want to be. One word to describe this experience is thankful. I am thankful for those who took the time to invest in my ideas, plans and my personal goals.

Throughout my time here I realized more about myself personally and professionally. From enjoying a delicious waffle bar and celebrating diversity by trying new food, to working with many of the hardworking, passionate individuals in this council I have witnessed the Girl Scout sisterhood isn’t just for girls but includes all its members. During my time here, I have overcome many weaknesses and turned them into strengths. At Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, I have felt support, compassion and trust from those I have worked with. I’m happy to live in a world where there are Girl Scouts working to make new changes.

Hello! My name is Grace Pence, and I’m currently finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services at Wright State University. I have been able to serve as a Programming Intern at the Dayton office for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. Through this internship I have been given the task to help advance GSWO on an inclusive and diverse level through resources and programming. I will be continuing my education to become an occupational therapist at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. I hope to become more involved with volunteering through Girl Scouts after finishing up graduate school.

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