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Bronze & Silver Award Recognition: Let’s Party!

Universally, recognition is a huge motivator; one of the biggest. It shows respect for an individual or group for a job well done. It helps strengthen bonds and relationships, and reinforces how much the action took made a difference!

Because of this, a great way to recognize the hard work of Girl Scouts who have earned their Bronze or Silver Award is with a ceremony! Ceremonies are a means of expression and have been an important part of Girl Scouts since the beginning of the movement. By continuing this tradition, it reinforces the heritage of Girl Scouting, honors the sisterhood that came before us, celebrates the honorees of the present, and will inspire others to follow in these footsteps for the future.

Whether it be a casual bonfire, a gathering at a favorite Girl Scout camp, an intimate candlelight vigil, or linked with another fun event, so much significance is wrapped up into your recognition ceremony, and the ceremony can be as unique as the girls themselves.

The processes we use in Girl Scouting that make the Girl Scout Leadership Experience so powerful can also be used in planning a special celebration for girls who have earned their Girl Scout Highest Awards! Involving the girls in this process, having them make decisions, work together, and be active in the planning will give them a sense of pride and ownership in the experience.

Allow plenty of time to plan. Consider having the girls agree or vote on a theme, refreshments, what kind of opening and closing to have, size of gathering, decide who would like a speaking role or to provide entertainment, the venue, guest list, and decorations. Consider adding some special surprise elements to the event the girls are not expecting like a photo slide show, award merchandise from the Girl Scout shop, or a special guest to come speak. Recognize individual accomplishment. Even for group projects, highlight each girl’s strengths, contributions, and hard work.

There is no one way to do a recognition ceremony, but there are many reasons why they are valuable and even more as to how you can make them special! If you would like to provide the awards at your ceremony, please plan ahead. The Bronze Award Final Report needs to be submitted online by the troop leader. For the Silver Award, each girl who participated in the project must submit their final report online separately. Once submitted, allow a few weeks for council approval. Once approved, an approval letter will be mailed to the troop leader. You will show the letter at the shop in order to purchase the pins. Please contact the shop beforehand to ensure enough pins are in stock.

We encourage you to share your own ideas on recognition events for the Girl Scout Highest Awards below in the comments. Achieving the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and/or Gold Award is an enormous honor. Let the celebrating begin!

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