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What Our Girls are Saying About Girl Scout Destinations

Did you know that Girl Scouts hosts awesome adventures every year for individual Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador girls? Through Destinations, girls can travel all over the globe as they expand their horizons, make new friends from across the country, and have a blast. From sailing tall ships in Cleveland to sea turtle retreats in Costa Rica, there’s sure to be something you’ll love!

What are girls from our council saying about their Destination trips?

Allison, Hollywood Dreamin’

It has inspired me to take action on my future. I became aware of my dreams even more than I already have been, and finally realized the true issue I’d like to change: today’s problems with children’s entertainment. The passion of the ten other girls and every talented adult who worked with us taught me that you can do absolutely anything, and I’d like to do just that. Without this trip, moving to LA in the future would seem impossible. But now, I can fully see that happening, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity that Girl Scouts has given me.

Maddie, Maine Wilderness Adventure Challenge

My Destinations experience inspired me to see myself as a stronger person. Throughout our many hikes, I persevered even when I wanted to give up. I also learned to be satisfied with my personal best when it may not have been the best out of the group. By meeting girls from across the country, I was able to learn about different perspectives on the world.

Melanie, Hot Springs, Llamas, and Ruins: Adventures in the Land of the Inca

After only ten days in Peru I learned and experienced so much. Through the hikes and culture, I learned to have a better appreciation for nature. Also, the trip has inspired me to branch out more back home.

Sounds amazing, right? Need more information about how it all comes together? Contact Chelsea Smith at our council. Check out Destinations for more details about specific trips.

Ready to go? Then choose your four favorites from the list of options and apply before December 1. We can’t wait to see what adventures await through Girl Scout Destinations!

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