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5 Next Level S’mores Recipes for Your Next Campfire

Is a campfire even complete without indulging in a crispy, gooey s’more!? We think not. In fact, did you know that Girl Scouts is credited with the first published s’more recipe? Yep!

In 1927, Girl Scouts published, “Tramping and Trailing with Girl Scouts” which featured tips and guidelines for safely leading girls in outdoor experiences, such as campfire cooking. You can find the “Some More” recipe on page 71, where we finally get the answer to the age-old question: one marshmallow or two?

Everyone has tried the classic milk chocolate bar and roasted marshmallow(s) sandwiched between two crunchy graham crackers, but have you tried these five recipes? We asked some of our frequent campers to share their favorites and we can’t wait to try them ourselves… who has the fire ready?

  • Substitute that plain ol’ chocolate bar for your favorite chocolate candy! The overwhelming favorite here is the delightful peanut butter cup, because what’s better than chocolate? Peanut butter and chocolate!
  • Why stop at the chocolate substitutes? There are marshmallow flavors galore!  Pumpkin, toasted coconut, strawberry, chocolate (we heard this is great with a white chocolate bar), mint, there are endless possibilities here! What’s your favorite mallow? 
  • Girl Scout Cookies, anyone? Graham crackers are really just there to provide structure to the ooey-gooey delightful goodness of the chocolatey-mallowy combo. Trefoils are the obvious swap, but some Girl Scouts go as far as skipping the chocolate bar completely, grabbing an extra napkin and using Thin Mints, Samoas or Tagalongs. Just when you thought Girl Scouts Cookies couldn’t get any better!
  • Add some more to that s’more! How about something savory? Crispy, salty bacon is the perfect edition to our favorite sweet treat. Cinnamon, chili powder, roasted berries, a splash of caramel, bananas all make great additions to that graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow trio.
  • Sometimes the s’mores creativity comes out of necessity. Those with diet restrictions shared some interesting swaps. Our vegan friends suggested looking for non-gelatin marshmallows, while our gluten-free folks suggested using apple slices instead of graham crackers.

Thank you to the troop leaders who gave us these suggestions, but we know there is more s’more goodness out there, tell us your favorite combinations in the comments!

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