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3 Grand Troop Trip Adventures in the US

Is your troop ready for an adventure? To venture far beyond their hometown as they try new things and see new places? If that sounds like your girls, then it’s time to expand their horizons by planning a troop trip.

Where should you go? While there are a million different destinations your troop could pick across the US, here’s a few of our favorites. Check them out and then start planning your next troop trip!

Choose a Girl Scout-y Destination

What about choosing a destination that has a Girl Scout connection? Your troop can take in the big city lights of New York City with a visit to Girl Scout Central, our organization’s flagship retail store and event space, in midtown Manhattan. Or head down south to Savannah to tour the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace for some low-country living as you explore the sights and delights of our founder’s hometown. Whichever you choose, your girls are sure to have a blast!

Explore a National Park (or Two)

What Girl Scout doesn’t dream of exploring gorgeous vistas or challenging her outdoor skills? And where’s the best place to do that? At one of our nation’s many national parks! With their varying topography (shores, mountains, deserts, & more!) and endless opportunities for outdoor fun, you really can’t go wrong with making these natural wonders the base for your next troop trip adventure. Whether it’s clambering across rocky headlands at Acadia, exploring Pueblo cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, or keeping an eye out for manatees as they kayak Florida Bay in the Everglades, your troop is sure to find a park that feeds their thirst for adventure!

Ride the Rails

There’s just something iconic about loading up and heading out on a train trip across our great nation (or just a portion of it) with Amtrak. It makes getting to your destination a favorite part of your trip! With so many different routes & stations to choose, from big city destinations like Seattle or New Orleans to outdoor favorites like National Parks, your troop is sure to find a destination that fits their interests. So pick a route and go “all aboard” for what’s sure to be a memory making adventure for your troop.

Need some help planning your trip? Check out our Troop Trip Training manual for our policies, procedures, and best practices when taking your troop on a trip. Once you’ve got all the details worked out, don’t forget to submit a Troop Trip and Activity Notification Form before heading out on your troop’s adventure.

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