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THRIVE 2020 Patch Program

As Girl Scouts, we live by the motto “be prepared” — and that includes when the unexpected happens. With the new THRIVE 2020 patch program, you can demonstrate your skills to survive, THRIVE, and be a better Girl Scout during the worldwide pandemic we’re experiencing.

Even in challenging times, Girl Scouts continue to make the world a better place, and the world needs us now more than ever! Earn your Girl Scouts of Western Ohio THRIVE 2020 patch by completing the required number of steps for your age level.


Complete four activities—three from different categories, plus one of choice.


Complete five activities—four from different categories, plus one of choice.


Complete six activities—five from different categories, plus one of choice.


Complete seven activities—one from each of the six categories, plus one of choice.


Complete eight activities—one from each of the six categories, plus two of choice.


Complete eight activities—one from each of the six categories, plus two of choice.

T – Take Action

  • Watch a recording of a Girl Scout Virtual Service Sunday on the GSWO’s YouTube Channel (Service Sunday Playlist) and complete the activity independently.
  • Connect with your neighbors by chalking the walk, distributing kindness stones, or hanging inspirational signs in the windows of your home.
  • Improve your neighborhood by planting native flowers; building a home or shelter for birds, animals, or insects; or removing invasive plant species, such as honeysuckle.
  • Learn how to make a face mask and share one with a friend, family member, or neighbor.
  • Send encouraging messages to first responders, nursing home residents, or essential employees.
  • Share your story with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio!

H – Research History

  • Identify one woman who has impacted medicine and share her story with your family or friends.
  • Learn about a woman who lived through a pandemic. Compare her experience then to your experience now.
  • Explore three healthcare professions that are in the front-line helping people now. Which one is most inspiring to you?
  • Discover the power of victory gardens and how Girl Scouts planted these in the past to use resources wisely.

R – Social Responsibility

  • Practice social distancing by staying at home whenever possible, wearing a face mask and gloves if you go in public, and standing at least six feet away from other people.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds.
  • Watch a local or national broadcast to learn protective measures for COVID-19 and share something you learned with a family member or friend.
  • Create a brochure or video encouraging others to support local businesses and share within your community or post online with caregiver permission.
  • Help your family around the house by completing two extra chores.
  • Support a family member with developing a budget and grocery list for curbside pick-up.

I – Inspire

  • Identify at least one person you can turn to talk to when you are feeling down.
  • Journal about your feelings or experience at this time for at least one week.
  • Create a schedule for your day and weekend and follow it for at least one week.
  • Complete at least one hour of physical activity (run, walk, yoga, etc.).
  • Enjoy the outdoors daily for at least one week (remember to practice social distancing).
  • Make a playlist for you and your family to relax to or dance to!
  • Write positive notes and put them on your mirror and/or around your home.
  • Prepare a healthy snack or cook a delicious meal.

V – Virtual Connection

  • Use technology to connect with your friends or family.
  • Learn a new skill virtually from someone other than Girl Scouts online.
  • Teach a friend or family member how to use technology or social media virtually.
  • Participate in a virtual town hall or community meeting.

E – Engage

  • Participate in a Girl Scout Virtual Program (other than Service Sunday) and complete the activity independently.
  • Complete a Girl Scout Badge, Journey, or Award while practicing social distancing.
  • Participate in a virtual Troop Meeting.
  • Create a video to help younger Girl Scouts with their leadership experience (earning badges, journeys, bridging, etc.).

Once you’ve completed the patch program, you can complete the pre-order form and pick it up or have it mailed to you when our offices and shops reopen! You can also stop in to purchase it once we reopen.

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