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Simple Ways to Give Back This Year

One of the greatest things that a girl can learn while in Girl Scouting is the impact you can have, even at a young age, when you make helping others a priority.  A young Girl Scout said it best, I like being a Girl Scout because, like, when you help people you touch their hearts.”

As we come to the end of a tumultuous year, let’s challenge ourselves to touch hearts. Let’s seek out simple ways to give back to our neighbors and communities. It’s time to close out 2020 by putting the friendly and helpful part of the Girl Scout Law into action!

So what can we do? Below are a few simple activities to do with your Girl Scout that show them helping others and giving back to their community will be one of the best gifts they give this year.

Help a neighbor

You could help an elderly neighbor out by raking their leaves or shoveling their snowy sidewalk. Or offer to walk that energetic dog on your block or babysit the kid down the street while their parent runs an errand. An afternoon’s time helping out may seem small, but it could mean the world to your neighbor.

Share some holiday cheer

There are many people who are spending their holidays at work, at the hospital, or are just not able to be with family this year. Make a plan to bring a little cheer into their lives! You can take some holiday treats to the local fire or police station, bring craft kits to the local children’s hospital, or make cards for the residents of the local nursing home or soldiers from your area deployed overseas. There are so many different ways to spread holiday cheer!

Donate to others

This is a great time of year to contact local shelters and food banks to see what items they are greatly in need of and band together with others to meet that need. You can find a donation campaign that is already happening and join in. Does your faith community host a donation drive for the food bank this time of year? Get involved! Is there a toy drive happening in your area for the children’s hospital? Share it out with your social network and encourage others to join you in making a difference with their donations.

Volunteer your time

Choose a cause or an organization whose mission is dear to you and find ways to serve. You might end up sorting supplies at a food bank, cleaning kennels (and playing with puppies) at the animal shelter, or helping with game night at the senior center. So many choices, so many ways to help!

What will you chose to give back this year? Whatever you decide, know that when you help others you are living the Girl Scout Law AND touching hearts!

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