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11 Simple Games and Activities for Virtual Troop Meetings

Whether you are looking for something quick to get your meeting started, a mid-meeting wiggle break or your troop simply wants to have a game night together, there are game and activity options for every age!

We have complied 11 of our favorite games and activities to try at your virtual troop meetings with little to no supplies required.

Show & Tell

Great for all ages

Anyone of any age will love a round of show & tell. It could even become a regular opening activity at your meetings to give girls a chance to share and allow the group to get to know one another!

Choose a theme or make it girl’s choice allowing girls to show off something unique of their choosing.

This or That

Great for all ages

This is a great quick activity for any age to begin your meeting. Each participant must choose their preference between two options. This can be silly, theme-based, or a more traditional get-to-know-you sort of style.

You may have everyone answer the same question or have participants make up their own “this or that” and call out another troop member once they have answered.

Dance Party!

Great for Daisies and Brownies

Daisies and Brownies love to get up and move, so having an impromptu dance party is a great mid-meeting break or a fun incentive for the end of the meeting.

Pro tip: Play music directly from the device on which you are conducting the meeting rather than using a separate music player.

Here’s a few ideas to add to your next dance party:

  • Call out prompts for girls to interpret like animals, the five elements, emotions, movement dynamics, etc.
  • Freeze Dance: Turn the music on and when you pause it participants freeze where they are!
  • Practice rhythm and coordination by clapping to the music then add in stomps, marches, snaps, pats, etc. along to the music.

Simon Says

Great for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors

This classic is another great way to get girls moving, and like “Dance Party,” it can serve as a mid-meeting break or an incentive for the end of the meeting. Make it girl-led by giving girls the opportunity to take turns as Simon.

Scavenger Hunt

Great for all ages

You’ve probably done many scavenger hunts in person, but have you tried a virtual scavenger hunt? Consider things girls may have in their home and create a list of items for girls to seek out. Challenge girls to see who can find the item(s) the fastest.

Pro tip: If timing the challenge, use a countdown timer and share it on your screen along with the list of items or post the items in the chat. Your computer or device should have a timer in the available apps. For younger girls, provide 1-2 items at a time.

Green Glass Door

Great for Juniors through Ambassadors

In this game, participants must guess what can move the Green Glass Door. The host announces they are entering the green glass door and 1 item that can enter with them and 1 item that cannot.

For example, “I can bring a puppy through the Green Glass Door, but I cannot bring a dog.” If a girl has a guess she would go next using the same pattern and if the object mentioned does not fit the criteria, the host would say “You cannot take that through the Green Glass Door.” Then someone else would try.


Great for Juniors through Ambassadors

You can use an age-appropriate trivia game you have lying around or pull something up online. Theme it around the focus topic for your meeting or just make it something fun. For this game, you can play as individuals or team up.

Pro tip: It can be tricky when multiple people speak on Zoom, so utilize a signal, the hand raise feature, or the chat log to ensure answers are noted.

Favorite Things

Great get-to-know-you activity for all ages

You can start by providing the first “favorite thing” and calling on a troop member to kick things off. For example, “Lily, tell us your favorite outdoor activity.” Lily would respond then create a new favorite thing and call out another participant to answer and so on.

Once Upon a Time

Great for Daises, Brownies, and Juniors

This creative game combines storytelling with movement. For Daisies, read a simple children’s story and have girls make up movement or actions to go along with it. For Brownies and Juniors, you can add an additional creative element by inviting girls create a story together. Each person adds a sentence to the story while using simple movement to enhance the story. Repeat the story as a group with the actions that go along with it.


Great for Juniors through Ambassadors

Have a little fun with Zoom white board feature! Start by creating a list of words as a group or you can find word lists with a simple search online. It might be fun to keep the list related to the theme of your meeting. To provide the word to be drawn and guessed, select a word at random and type into the chat directly to the person drawing so only they see it. Play in teams or all together!

Charades (with a Twist)

Great for Juniors through Ambassadors

Kick your game of charades up a notch! Start by selecting a letter of the alphabet. Girls will then create a list of words that start with that letter then send it to you via private chat so no other girls can see it. For a short game, 1 word will do, but for an extra challenge, select a number that exceeds the number of girls, so there are more words to choose from. You will then send a private chat to the girl of the word that she will act out. There may be repeats and that’s ok! You can play in teams or as a group.  

Another option is to play this game like password, with participants only using one-word clues to get others to guess their word rather than actions.

We want to hear some of your favorite games and activities or adaptations to the ones we have listed! If you need additional information for ideas on leading virtual meetings, be sure to check out the Troop Leader Blueprint and Girl Scouts at Home.

GSWO members can find more information about getting started with virtual meetings by checking out the Going Virtual learning path in gsLearn.

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  1. Tracy Barnes

    July 19, 2021 at 9:24 am

    We played a game called “what are you doing”. Circle around, one girl in the middle is doing something. Let’s say she is “raking leaves”. Another jumps in and asks “what are you doing”. The Girl “raking leaves” tells the new person that she is doing something else, let’s say, climbing a ladder. The new person is now in the middle “climbing a ladder”. Another girl jumps in and asks…..etc. Until anyone who wants a turn has had one, OR set a time limit for the game. We liked the Time limit and then anyone who did not get a turn this time can go first Next time.

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