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5 Socially Distant Winter Activities

Tis the season of icy winds, plunging temperatures, and gray overcast skies. Yes, the midwestern winter has arrived and so have the winter doldrums!

But winter’s cold weather doesn’t have to drive us all indoors. With a little creativity (and the proper layering of clothes) winter can be a fun time for adventures. Here are a few tried and true favorite winter activities, perfect for a socially distant outing. Layer up and let’s go!

Build a Bonfire

Campfire building is a Girl Scout tradition that you can do year-round! When it’s cold out, what’s more fun than spending time around a toasty fire? You will need an adult to supervise, an established fire pit (you may have to dig out the snow first), wood of various sizes (if using deadfall, gather it ahead of time and let it dry out), and some matches.

If you’ve never built a fire before, check out our Basic Fire Building tutorial.

Try a Winter Sport

There are so many different sports to try out this winter. Whether it’s skiing down a hill (bunny slopes are fine!), slaloming on a snowboard, gliding across the ice on skates, taking a shot in hockey, or testing your patience with ice fishing, there’s bound to be a winter sport that you’d like to try. And if all of those sound too complicated, a simple sled and a short hill are a great option for basic winter sporty fun!

Host an Outdoor Photo Shoot

Though the sky may be gray and the temperature low, the outdoors in winter still makes a beautiful and dramatic backdrop. Head out with your family, a hardy pet (not the tropical fish), or just yourself to work on your photography skills with a camera or a phone. Create contrasts with shadows, explore how light reflects off the snow and ice, and try different filters. Photography is an art and winter makes a great canvas!

Play in the Snow

The simplest recipe for a winter day adventure requires snow and your own imagination. You can build forts, make snow angels, have a snow ball fight, and whatever else this common midwestern winter ground cover inspires you to do. Just make sure to dress in layers and have some hot cocoa or hot apple cider around for when you head back indoors to warm up!

Take a Hike

Winter hiking has some definite advantages over warm weather months. There are almost no bugs, the boggy areas on the trail are mostly dried up, your bottled water will stay cold, and the honeysuckle has died back allowing you to see the landscape around you. Plus, there’s usually fewer people on the trails. All of this makes winter hikes a must do!

Check out local metro and Ohio’s State Parks to plan your hike. Want to add some extra adventure? Try geocaching! It’s like a GPS-led treasure hunt.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t the let the winter doldrums get you down. Embrace the cold and try something new this year!

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