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Celebrate Black History Month with Girl Scouts!

When you think about history, it’s likely that you think about things that happened a long time ago, perhaps even in a land far, far away. But the truth is, history is happening right now—it’s all around us, and it vibrates through the very fabric of the Girl Scout movement.

Think about it: Girl Scouts all over the country are in the process of making history in their schools and communities, instituting meaningful change, standing up for what’s right, breaking records, and setting new precedents.

All of this is why when we celebrate Black History Month, we not only honor and remember the phenomenal Black women we learned about in our history books in school—we also celebrate the ongoing strength and vision of the Black girls and women who are creating change as we speak.

Here’s how you can celebrate with us:

  • Join us on Facebook and Instagram all month long as we highlight shining examples of Black Excellence—historical and modern, Girl Scouts and women who inspire Girl Scouts every day.
  • Learn more about Black history in Girl Scouts on the GSWO Blog! We’ll be featuring badges, patch programs, and other resources girls and troops can utilize to learn more about racism and Black Excellence, as well as an honest history of Girl Scouts for Black girls and women.
  • Use the Anti-Racism in Girl Scouts resources that are available for girls, families, and volunteers to expand on the tough discussions you’re having in troop meetings and around the dining room table. We will be making updates to the webpage in the second half of the month, but there are many great resources you can reference right away.

While we celebrate Black Excellence and the Black Girl Magic at Girl Scouts this Black History Month, we can’t wait to see what comes next as the Black girls and women of the Girl Scout Movement continue to change their communities, open doors, and expand the world.

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