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Don’t Miss Our Virtual Cookie Rallies!

There are so many differences in our world, but there are two things we can agree on: cookies are one of life’s many great pleasures, and supporting budding entrepreneurs makes a strong impact on us all!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is still in full swing around the country, and in our increasingly virtual world, Girl Scouts have become quick problem solvers in order to get Girl Scout Cookies to all their hungry customers. In doing so, girls are learning even more business skills that they will keep for the rest of their lives!

Having fun might be the obvious part of the cookie program, but the skills obtained by participating in the cookie program last a lifetime. Girl Scouts increase their ability to set goals, make decisions, manage money, communicate with people, and develop business ethics.

This year, we have highlighted the five proven skills acquired by the Girl Scout Cookie Program virtually to get Girl Scouts excited to dive into this year’s cookie program, and stay excited. With help from some of our valued partners, we now have a Virtual Cookie Rally that can live on and be enjoyed year after year.

Check out all five videos and let us know what you love most about the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

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