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17 Badges and Journeys to Explore and Protect the Planet

If we know one thing that Girl Scouts love, its the outdoors! As Girl Scouts, we promise to make the world a better place, and one way we can do so is by protecting and preserving nature. The Global Action Award encourages girls to explore the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by world leaders in 2015.

The 2021 focus of the Global Action Award is Goal #13, climate action. We have compiled a list of 17 Girl Scout badges and Journeys to help girls explore nature, environmental stewardship, and climate change while inspiring girls to take action by earning the 2021 Global Action Award!

You can find the badges and Journeys below for free in the Volunteer Toolkit or for purchase online or at your local Girl Scout Shop.

Daisy Badges & Journeys

  • Eco Learner – Learn three ways to protect the environment when going outdoors.
  • It’s Your Planet- Love It: Between Earth and Sky – In this Journey, Daisies will explore nature and learn how to keep the earth healthy–visit a park or farm, talk to an expert, or make something to celebrate nature.
  • It’s Your World- Change It: Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden – In this Journey, Daisies will explore the world of gardening; plant a mini garden, learn about composting, find out how ladybugs help flowers, take a field trip to a public garden, or talk to a beekeeper.

Brownie Badges & Journeys

  • Eco Friend – Find new ways to protect our natural world and the living things in it.
  • Household Elf – Learn ways to make your home clean and green.
  • It’s Your Planet- Love It: WOW! Wonders of Water – In this Journey, Brownies will explore the wonders of water by finding out more about its importance and how it’s used around the world. Make informative posters, promote recycling at school or plant low-water gardens.

Junior Badges & Journeys

  • Eco Camper – Learn skills for minimal impact camping and know how to protect the environment when going outdoors.
  • Gardener – Learn how to help plants and flowers grow.
  • Animal Habitats – Learn more about wild animals and how to protect their homes.
  • It’s Your Planet – Love It: GET MOVING!– In this Journey, Juniors will explore energy and how to use it wisely by interviewing power-use experts and conducting energy audit of a building in your community. Fix an energy problem in your community, launch carpools, work to dim the lights on city buildings, or promote energy saving at your school.

Cadette Badges & Journeys

  • Eco Trekker – Learn the skills for minimizing your impact on the environment while planning and taking an outdoor trek.
  • Trees – Get to the root of what trees are all about – and branch out as a naturalist!
  • It’s Your Planet – Love It: Breathe! – Find out about the air we breathe by visiting a wind farm, talking to an environmental scientist, or doing experiments using wind. Fix an air problem in your community, plant an indoor garden, campaign against smoking, or push for clean-air initiatives in your community.

Senior Badges & Journeys

  • Eco Explorer – Research different environmental issues and take at least one trip to see how an area is impacted.
  • It’s your Planet- Love It: Sow What? – Learn about food: how and where it’s grown, harvested, processed, distributed, and consumed, and why it matters. Visit a local farmers market. Share your knowledge with others– host a farmers market, inspire others to eat locally, or plan a community garden.

Ambassador Badges & Journeys

  • Eco Advocate – Learn how to advocate for environmental issues concerning nature.
  • It’s Your Planet – Love It: Justice – Identify global environmental issues and create your own vision for change. Address food and land-use issues, improve food delivery systems, fight hunger in developing nations, or rediscover healthy eating traditions.

Share your climate action story with us! We want to hear about other you explore environmental stewardship or ways you are taking action to protect the planet.

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