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9 Ways to Use Adventure Where You Are Camp Boxes with Your Family, Troop, or Service Unit

We’re excited to bring back our Adventure Where You Are camp boxes for 2021! Our 8 outdoor-themed boxes feature self-guided activities that are perfect for girls of all ages—and they can be done with your family, as a troop, or even as a service unit!

Tomorrow, May 28, is the last day to order all 8 boxes! So if you’re on the fence about whether Camp in a Box is right for you, consider all of the possibilities:

  • Explore your local park (or parks!) with your camp boxes. The Adventure Where You Are camp boxes can really be used wherever you are! Travel to your local park as a family, troop, or service unit and complete all of the self-guided activities while getting to know your community. You could even go on a tour of your local parks, completing the activities in each one and comparing what you’ve see. That’s what’s great about Camp in a Box—you’re receiving quality materials that enable you to do the activities as many times as you want!
  • Use Camp in a Box for troop meetings (virtually or in person!). Mix up your troop meetings with Camp in a Box! Whether your troop loves the outdoors or is just getting started, your girls will find activities they enjoy. Order one box for each girl in the troop (it’s a great use of Digital Dough!) and either have them delivered to their house for virtual meetings, or distribute them for a safe in-person meeting! Plus, who doesn’t love having an entire troop meeting planned out for you? All you need to do is show up and lead the activities!
  • Use camp boxes to work on badges. Badges and Girl Scouts go together like peanut butter and jelly—and Camp in a Box can help you earn more! There are lots of outdoor badges to earn this summer, and many badge activities can be accomplished with your camp boxes! Use the Sights of the Night box as you sleep under the stars for Daisy Buddy Camper, or use the mess kit from Campfire Cooking as you pack for your overnight camping trip for Senior Adventure Camper! The possibilities are endless.
  • Bring Camp in a Box to Troop Adventure Camp! Is your troop going to Troop Adventure Camp later in the summer? Order camp boxes to take with you and explore while you’re there! Simply have them delivered to an adult volunteer’s address and bring them to camp with you! Just make sure you’re double-checking dates so your camp boxes arrive before you head to camp.
  • Entertain kids with camp boxes while babysitting. If you’re spending the summer babysitting (way to flex those entrepreneur and life skills!), order camp boxes for yourself and bring them to share with the kids you babysit! Camp in a Box is great for kids of all ages, grades K-12, and you can customize the activities based on the kids’ interests.
  • Take camp boxes on vacation. Headed out on a family vacation this summer? Bring your camp boxes with you! If you can spend time in the outdoors, you can enjoy Camp in a Box, and they’re great for the whole family.
  • Complete the Get Outdoors Challenge with camp boxes. This summer, participate in the third-annual Get Outdoors Challenge! We challenge Girl Scouts and their families to get outdoors this summer. And yes, there’s a patch for that. There are 64 activities to choose from, and we bet a lot of them can be done with camp boxes.
  • Host a service unit event to work through camp boxes. Service units are looking forward to getting back together safely this summer. Consider using service unit funds to purchase camp boxes for the girls in your area and hosting an event to work through the camp boxes together! Girls will get outdoors, have a great Girl Scout experience, and get to make new friends from their community! Now that’s a win-win-win.
  • Give camp boxes as gifts! Have a girl with a summer birthday? Or maybe she’s graduating and you can’t celebrate with her in person? Whether you’re near or far, Camp in a Box is a great gift! Not only is she getting reusable materials that will help her continue her Girl Scout experience, she’s also learning new things along the way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Ready to start your summer adventures with Camp in a Box? Don’t delay–tomorrow is the last day to order all 8 boxes! Order your camp boxes now!

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