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Six Things You Might Not Know About Bridging

Bridging is an esteemed Girl Scout tradition that honors girls’ achievements yearly and celebrates “crossing the bridge” to the next Girl Scout level! Like a typical Girl Scout ceremony, bridging ceremonies consist of an opening, a celebration, and a closing. Whether you use a physical or a symbolic bridge during this tradition, girls will have a blast planning the celebration that marks the end of a year full of fun and adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro ready to switch up your bridging routine or a new volunteer looking for advice and resources, keep reading to learn six things you might not know about bridging!

  1. There are six opportunities to bridge in Girl Scouts – from Daisy to Brownie, Brownie to Junior, Junior to Cadette, Cadette to Senior, Senior to Ambassador, and finally, Ambassador to Adult.
  2. Your troop can choose the best time to bridge to the next level. Bridging ceremonies typically happen in May or June, but your troop can talk together and decide when it’s most convenient to move to the next Girl Scout level. Planning your Bridging Ceremony is a perfect opportunity to let the girls take the lead and instill the courage and confidence you have helped build all year.
  3. Your troop can choose where to hold your Bridging Ceremony. Ceremonies can take place at a park, with a community partner, at a local landmark, or even your typical meeting space. Check out the Girl Scout Bridging Guide for more information on planning and executing a successful bridging ceremony.
  4. Girl Scouts in western Ohio and southeast Indiana celebrate Bridging Spirit Week each year. During this special pride week, girls will reflect on how they grew with Girl Scouts, explored new skills to earn badges, and made the world a better place. Check out this year’s Bridging Spirit Week activities and get ready to celebrate from June 19-23!
  5. Girls can earn a special Bridging Award. Every girl will bridge to the next grade level, and some may choose to earn their Bridging Award. The Bridging Award allows each girl to pass on their knowledge to younger Girl Scouts and look ahead at what the next levels offer. Learn more about Bridging Awards on our website.
  6. Your Girl Scouts of Western Ohio service centers have everything you need for a successful Bridging Ceremony! Bridging Kits are available at our local Girl Scout shops and come prepared with a special pencil, bridging fun patch, Bridging Certificate, Membership Star, Disc for Membership Star, and Bridging Arc. Troop leaders can check out small wooden bridges from the Council Resource Centers for free.

Bridging is a hallmark of the Girl Scout experience, and as your girls progress to the next level, remember to have fun and keep the focus on the girls as you recognize all they have accomplished.

Ready to plan your Bridging Ceremony? Visit gswo.org/bridging to find the Girl Scout Bridging Guide, Bridging Award Guides for all ages, and more!

Bonus idea: encourage your Girl Scouts to write a wish for their next grade level, seal them in an envelope, and open them when they complete their next bridging!

Is your troop bridging this summer or fall? Tell us all about it!

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