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What Girl Scouts Means to Me: A Lifelong Impact

As we shared in June, our council hosted our first Bronze and Silver Award Ceremonies for girls in Western Ohio and southeastern Indiana who earned these highest awards in Girl Scouting. In total, 79 Bronze Award Girl Scouts and 45 Silver Award Girl Scouts gathered at the spring ceremonies to receive their accolades in person and share about their projects, while also connecting with other Girl Scouts, staff, and keynote speakers who delivered speeches with incredible stories and valuable life advice. One of these speeches was delivered by Gold Award Girl Scout Alexandria from Dayton, OH, who highlighted the ways in which her Gold Award project and her family’s involvement in Girl Scouts have helped her shine.

Here is Alexandria’s keynote speech from the Bronze and Silver Award Ceremony held April 19, 2023, at Cox Arboretum Metropark:

Meryl Streep once said, “Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life and take your heart to work.” That’s exactly what I did with my Gold Award, which I had the privilege to receive last month. My project focused on Holocaust education for kids in grades 5 through 12, showing the importance of teaching kids this age about the topic. Why, though? Why use my project to talk about a topic that is so traumatizing? Since the 4th grade, I have been passionate about educating myself on the Holocaust, trying to learn everything I possibly could. I created a project that I had complete faith in and is something that has become largely integrated into my life.

I can say the same thing about Girl Scouts. I have technically been a part of Girl Scouts for about 10 years, but I was fortunate enough to grow up in a scouting family. My grandma has been a part of Girl Scouts for over 50 years, from being a girl member, to helping with the troops her three daughters and four granddaughters were in, and also the cookie cupboard. Both my mom and aunt were my leaders and are now leaders for my little sister and cousin. They both do a tremendous amount with our service unit.

This organization is something my family is extremely involved in. I’ve grown up knowing how important Girl Scouts is and it has made a huge impact on my life. I am a third-generation Girl Scout and a third-generation Gold Award recipient, following in their steps as a lifelong Girl Scout.

As a Girl Scout, I have had the opportunity to travel to new places, meet amazing individuals like Dr. Mae Jemison, create amazing memories, and make long-lasting friendships along the way. Girl Scouts is so important and can allow for so many amazing opportunities, especially as you get older. I am so grateful I stayed in Girl Scouts, even with so many other extracurricular activities. Girl Scouts was just too important to leave, and I hope you girls feel the same way. You can do so much and create so many amazing memories with this organization. You’ll all do some amazing things, and from experience, I can say that Girl Scouts and opportunities like earning these highest awards can influence you so much.

Alexandria was a Girl Scout for 9 years in Troop 35380 out of Beavercreek, OH. She earned her Silver and Gold Awards.

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