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Your Year of Making History: Girl Scouts Celebrate Women’s History Month

Women have been making history since — well, since we started keeping track! From Susan B. Anthony to Amanda Gorman, women have made world-changing contributions to politics, science, technology, education, the arts, and so much more through the years. Equally inspiring are the girls and women in each of our lives taking steps toward a brighter future by uplifting their local communities. That’s where Girl Scouts come in (though Girl Scout alums like Taylor Swift, Madeleine Albright, Dr. Sally Ride, Venus Williams, and many others have certainly become household names)! Here are just some of the ways Girl Scouts are celebrating Women’s History Month this year — and making history of our own.

While we remember the countless female historical figures who transformed our lives, we’re also celebrating 112 years of Girl Scouts! Each year on March 12, we remember Juliette Gordon Low, our founder, and her first troop of 18 Girl Scouts in Savannah, Georgia. Back in 1912, many girls did not know the power of their own voice. Society often told them to focus on “being ladylike” and “practicing manners” instead of exploring their world and dreaming big. Juliette Low believed that girls could do anything if they simply entertained their curiosity and challenged society’s belief that girls were inferior to boys. At a time when women in the United States couldn’t even vote, encouraging girls to embrace their unique strengths and create their own opportunities was game-changing. That small gathering of girls over a century ago ignited a movement across America where every girl could unlock her full potential, find lifelong friends, and make the world a better place.

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers.”

—Girl Scout Handbook, 1913

We’ve made great strides toward gender equality since then, but we still have work to do to bring a girl-led future to life. Statistics show that girls are in a confidence crisis. In fact, seven in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way and 98% — nearly all — of girls feel immense pressure to look a certain way. These numbers are deeply troubling, but we can work together to make a difference. In Girl Scouts, girls come as they are and embrace what makes them unique. They can be their bold, funny, athletic, independent, and trailblazing selves — and they don’t need to ask permission first.

We’re taking this turning point to social media to bring it to life. This month, we’re challenging girls to compliment each other’s curiosity, kindness, creativity, bravery, positivity, and energy. We invite girls to share and celebrate what makes them unique: their true and most authentic selves. We’re challenging the thought that many of us still think of men when we think of firefighters, professional athletes, and scientists — and encouraging everyone to look to the future instead of the past. We’re declaring that each Girl Scout brings a one-of-a-kind set of talents and traits to the table — all they have to do is let their unique superpowers shine without fear or shame!

We’re also gearing up for Girl Scout Week, happening March 10–16, 2024. Girl Scout Week is a chance for councils to show their spirit all week long with themed days that encourage kindness, sisterhood, and Girl Scout pride. Volunteer Appreciation Month (A.K.A. the perfect time to make your troop leaders and volunteers feel loved) is also coming up in April!

Finally, it wouldn’t be Women’s History Month without a shoutout to our amazing Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Girl Scouts. Each of these girls earned the Highest Awards in Girl Scouting by identifying an important issue and using the skills they’ve learned to make a lasting difference in their communities. We’re so excited to honor the 2024 Gold Award Girl Scouts of Western Ohio at our annual ceremony this Sunday, and we can’t wait to recognize this year’s Bronze and Silver Award Girl Scouts at celebrations happening later this spring!

During Women’s History Month and Girl Scout Week, there are so many wonderful ways to make a difference — and they all start with being unapologetically YOU! Encourage your fellow Girl Scouts to get out there, be yourselves, and continue changing the world.

Planning a Girl Scout celebration this month? Whether you’re throwing a party for Girl Scouts’ birthday, honoring a change-making woman, or sharing your spirit during Girl Scout Week, we’d love to hear about it! Share your story with us for a chance to be featured on GSWO’s social media pages.

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