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Pump Up Your Service Projects!

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow, and we are its makers”. Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scouts has a long tradition of doing service projects. Why not take the opportunity to take your project to the next level? Service learning is an amazing way to increase awareness of social issues, broaden perspective on diversity issues, develop civic responsibility and enhance critical thinking.  In Girl Scouting, we also refer to service learning projects as Take Action projects. Service  ...

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Spring Into Camping

The weather may not know it yet, but it’s springtime. Spring is a wonderful time to re-engage your troop after the long, cold winter. If you’re planning on sending your girls to camp this summer, spring is also a great time to get girls connected with the outdoors so they are acclimated and excited about spending time outside!  Here are some ways to get girls outdoors: Start the season right exploring the outdoors by moving your meeting outside.  After this long winter, girls  ...

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Five Tips to Make Bridging Memorable

Bridging has long been an important part of Girl Scouts’, as it marks the girls’ transition from one level to the next and celebrates their commitment to the organization. Here are some useful tips to helping your girls make their troop’s bridging a fun and memorable occasion for everyone involved. Use Resources Provided: Each level of Girl Scouting has special bridging awards and activities (outlined in the appropriate age-level The Girl’s Guide to Girl  ...

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A World Wide Beauty Revolution Starts Here

Girls are bombarded every day with images of the ideal woman through magazines, ads, media and many other sources, creating an Image Myth with a very narrow definition of beauty. This is causing a world wide confidence epidemic among young girls and Girl Scouts is determined to help the next generation of women bust the Image Myth and help their vision of a world free from appearance-related anxiety become a reality. But, we can’t get there without help. Partnering with the World  ...

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