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Are you ready to bridge? Time to level up with Girl Scouts!

Who doesn’t love being recognized when they move to a new level? Whether it’s graduating from school or leveling up in a video game, we love that moment when we move toward new adventures and exciting possibilities! In Girl Scouts when girls make the transition to the next age level we call it bridging, and we love to mark this achievement with reflection, ceremonies, and of course an award! When do girls bridge? Traditionally, girls bridge from one level of Girl Scouts to the  ...

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So your Girl Scout troop bridged, now what?

You did it! You and your girls made it to the next level in Girl Scouts! Whether it’s that first step from Daisy to Brownie or the final from Ambassador to adult, bridging to the next level as a Girl Scout is a momentous accomplishment. So what should you expect from yourself, your girls, and Girl Scouts? What’s different? Here’s a few things to think about as you start your newest adventure with Girl Scouts: A New Normal! As girls grow and mature their likes, needs, and  ...

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Connecting the Present and the Past with Girl Scout Traditions!

The legacy of Girl Scouts is a powerful force. A sisterhood built by millions of courageous women that reaches back a hundred years and spans the globe. How do we connect our current Girl Scouts with this legacy in a meaningful and impactful way? By continuing some of the traditions of Girl Scouts and connecting the past with the present through shared experiences. What are those traditions? And how can you work them into a modern Girl Scout meeting? Here are a few basic Girl Scout  ...

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Leveling Up with Girl Scouts: Bridging Ceremonies and Early Bird

“Walking across that short wooden bridge as a 5th grader with my parents and friends watching and finally becoming a Cadette is one of my proudest Girl Scout memories. That bridge seemed so long (it was really only about 4 feet) and I felt like I’d grown up so much just by crossing it.” – Regina, a Girl Scout alumna and current volunteer. Milestones in scouting like bridging ceremonies are important touchstones for girls to celebrate their accomplishments and  ...

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