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Guest Editorial: Girl Scout Katie Eggleston

During my week at Camp Whip Poor Will from June 24-29, 2018 I participated in a partnership program with the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and Air Camp Inc.  Myself and 37 other Girl Scouts from the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio participated. Each day we attended various programs and field trips all over the Dayton, OH area to learn new info that would prepare us for our ultimate end goal, Successful Flight!  This camp provided me an insight into a possible future career in the Aerospace  ...

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7 Vintage Camp Songs That We Still Love!

What’s that noise echoing through the summer air? It’s the sound of a group of campers’ singing (and often laughing) their way through a longstanding Girl Scout tradition: camp sing-a-longs! From marching songs to fireside serenades, there’s a song for almost any occasion at camp and girls love to sing them all! Although new songs crop up every summer, you can still hear some beloved vintage (or “well-seasoned”) songs ringing through the air at Girl Scout  ...

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Camp Care Package Tips

Bags are packed, birds are chirping and the smell of bug spray is in the air. Your little one is off to resident camp! You might be thinking wait, that last squeeze goodbye is supposed to last how many days?! Of course, your camper will be in excellent hands but you can still send her a little something to help get through the week — a camp care package, that is! Preparing a camp care package is a form of art. It reminds campers that there’s a life back home and despite it not having  ...

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Meet Our Camp Leadership Team

Our summer camps offer a wide variety of programs for all your camper’s different interests. And in order to make those programs happen, we need an awesome team of dedicated camp professionals. We’ve got nature lovers, art enthusiasts, outdoor explorers, and more just waiting to help your camper make memories that’ll last a lifetime! So who are these awesome camp professionals? They’re our camp staff! Scroll through and check out the members of our 2018 summer camp  ...

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