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Adventure Out This Summer at Girl Scout Camp!

Looking for adventure? There’s a camp for that! Whether you’re interested in hiking, rock climbing, canoeing or piloting an aircraft (wait, what?!) we have a camp for you. Join us this summer as we take on the outdoors. There are so many opportunities to adventure out with Girl Scouts! Here are a few of the various camp experiences offered this summer. Cliff Hangers  Ready to rock this summer? You conquered the high ropes course and owned that rock wall. Now it’s time to  ...

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7 Reasons to Work at Summer Camp

Summer is coming and we’re in the midst of hiring summer camp staff! Over half a million college students will trade in their student ID for a camp counselor t-shirt this summer. Be one of those millions, apply for one of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s open positions here! There are so many good reasons to work at camp! 1. You love the outdoors and want to share that love with others. Even if you only like the outdoors, we have a wide range of positions that will allow you to  ...

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How to Make Sure Your Girl Scout is Prepared For Camp

Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for young girls to become more independent, build friendships, and boost their self-confidence. Plus it’s super fun! So how do you help prepare your Girl Scout for this amazing opportunity? We’ve got some great tips from our camp staff to help you get your daughter ready for all of the fun that summer camp can offer. Prior sleepover experience is a must! Camp shouldn’t be the first time your girl stays away from home overnight. Help  ...

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The CIT Program, It’s A-Changing!

Oh the times, and the counselor-in-training (CIT) program, they are a-changing! What’s the CIT program? It’s a beloved camp tradition where older Girl Scouts (called CITs) build their leadership and outdoor skills as they work directly with younger girls during summer camp. It’s like a multi-year training program for becoming an official camp counselor and all-around awesome human being! Sounds fun, right? It is fun but it’s also closely tied to the Girl Scout idea  ...

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