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Girl Scout Camp Counselors: How April’s Summer Job Changed Her Career Path and Her Future

When I became a Girl Scout Camp Counselor at Camp Butterworth during the summer of 2006 I couldn’t even begin to comprehend how much of an impact a summer job would have on my future. When I entered the camp on the first day of CPR and First Aid Training I was an adrift 19 year old who was looking to spread my wings. What I walked away with 3 years later was far more valuable and more encompassing than my small town life ever provided for me. Throughout my first summer at Camp Butterworth I  ...

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Ten Positive Benefits of Going Tech-Free at Camp

Whether we want help finding our way through a vast park using a GPS, or want to look up what kind of breathtaking tree we cross paths with during a hike, technology can be a useful tool when outdoors. In today’s society, you rarely see anyone not connected due to the modern conveniences technology brings. Despite the conveniences, there are several benefits to going tech-free outside. Girl Scouts have access to lots of outdoor opportunities, and camp is the perfect place to take advantage  ...

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6 Reasons to SKIP Girl Scout Camp

There are so many reasons kids (and adults) choose Girl Scout camp and we’ve covered those reasons several times. So to be entirely fair, we’re giving you six reasons to stay inside in July and skip camp this year. 1. You’re addicted to your electronics and have no plans to ever unplug. What wonders and benefits can the outdoors possibly offer that compare to social media updates, Google searches, and video games? 2. You hate trying new things or pretty much anything that  ...

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Girl Scout Traditions: Preparing Your Girls To Camp

June is Great Outdoors Month and here at Girl Scouts we want girls to grow, explore, and have fun in the outdoors. A great way to do that is the iconic Girl Scout tradition, the troop camp out. Sounds fun, right? Anyone nervous? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who gets anxious thinking of setting out with a group of girls for a camping trip! No matter your level of experience, in your troop you’ll have girls (and adults) who are camping experts and others who  ...

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