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Ten Positive Benefits of Going Tech-Free at Camp

Whether we want help finding our way through a vast park using a GPS, or want to look up what kind of breathtaking tree we cross paths with during a hike, technology can be a useful tool when outdoors. In today’s society, you rarely see anyone not connected due to the modern conveniences technology brings. Despite the conveniences, there are several benefits to going tech-free outside. Girl Scouts have access to lots of outdoor opportunities, and camp is the perfect place to take advantage  ...

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Are You Ready for an Extended Troop Trip?

Troop trips can be an awesome way to build skills, confidence, and memories that last a lifetime. If this is your first trip, check out our 7 Steps to Planning a Troop Trip and don’t forget to review the Trip and Overnight Planning Manual. If this isn’t your first trip, or even your third, maybe it’s time to start planning a bigger adventure. If your troop has conquered day trips, tackled overnights, has a weekend trip or two under their belt then it’s likely your  ...

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Are you ready for the Hike 100 Challenge?

Calling all hikers and nature enthusiasts, we’ve got an awesome opportunity for you! To celebrate the National Park Service’s centennial anniversary in 2016, the North Country National Scenic Trail created the Hike 100 Challenge. What is the Hike 100 Challenge? So glad you asked! Anyone who hikes 100 miles on the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST) during the 2016 year, in total or all at once, will be awarded a special patch and certificate. The North Country Scenic  ...

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Exploring the Outdoors When You’re Not Outdoorsy

We all have different levels of comfort with the outdoors. Some of us hear “outdoor adventure” and immediately grab our trekking gear, compass, and are ready for some back country fun. Others hear “outdoor” and think “no, inside good, outside bad.” But even if all 33 Signs You’re Not An Outdoor Person apply to you, the girls you love need to play outside! Why is nature important? Here’s just a few benefits girls receive from outdoor  ...

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