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What Is Cookies For A Cause?

Wondering what we mean when we say Cookies for a Cause? Well, most simply, it is the re-branding of our Operation Cookie Donation Program. This year Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will be supporting 4 types of organizations through our annual Cookie Program with donations of everyone’s favorite cookies. What are those 4 types of organizations? Military Food Pantries Veterans Health Services Why are we changing up our cookie donation program? It’s not because Operation Cookie wasn’t  ...

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What is the Goal Getter Phase?

The 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program is well underway in western Ohio! The Initial Order Phase ended last Friday, and we’ve moved into the Goal Getter Phase! But… what does that mean, exactly? What is the Goal Getter Phase? The Goal Getter Phase is the second of three phases in our council’s cookie sale. It’s an opportunity for girls to continue selling between Intial Order and Booth Sales so they can reach their goals and grow their cookie business! This year, Goal  ...

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Cookie Question: Can my troop accept credit cards?

Yes, your troop can opt to accept credit cards at your booth sales! You’ve probably heard more than once, “I would love to support Girl Scouts, but I only have my card” By using a credit card processor your troop can eliminate this sales obstacle AND girls get another opportunity to build skills in money management, business ethics, and technology. For some troops this is a great way to reach higher sales goals, provide better customer service, and reach even more customers. Please  ...

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