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In Girl Scouts, “Failures” Become Our Favorite Stories!

Ask a Girl Scout or Girl Scout alum to share her story and you’ll hear tales of friendships built, skills tested (and mastered), outdoor adventures, and more. And almost always, said with a laugh and a touch of nostalgia, they’ll tell a tale of a “fail” that shines brightly in their most cherished memories. Maybe it’s the time they left late for their overnight canoe trip and were still paddling down the river trying to reach their campsite well after dark. Or  ...

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Six Tips for Finding Community Partners

We’ve all been there. There’s a badge or an activity that the girls are super excited to try and we know that the skills required for that badge are so outside of our comfort zone that just thinking about it makes us anxious. Maybe your Cadettes want to earn the Digital Movie Maker badge and you’ve yet to master programming your DVR. Or your Juniors are ready to test out their Simple Meals abilities and you burn toast on a regular basis. So what do you do? You find a  ...

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