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6 Tips to Reach Your Cookie Goals!

Everyone take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the initial order phase of our council’s cookie sale. You’ve been championing your girls throughout the sale and teaching them important skills like business ethics, money management, and customer service. Mission accomplished, right? But what if your troop (or daughter) hasn’t reached her cookie goal yet? How can we encourage our girls to go beyond the initial order taking and really stretch to  ...

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Got Camp?

It’s cookie sale time and with all of the craziness it’s easy to forget that a box of cookies equals more than headaches and troop proceeds. Every box  has a mission: to help girls grow.  A cookie can become a service project at the local animal shelter,  a trip to Savannah to see the birthplace of our founder, or an awesome experience girls will cherish for a lifetime. What is our alumnae’s favorite Girl Scout experience? CAMP! Current Girl Scouts and alumnae rate camping  ...

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Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies

The cookies are coming! Our council cookie sale officially begins on January 9th, 2015. Are you excited? We are! Here are some great resources and tips to help make your cookie sale the best one yet: Visit Little Brownie Bakers and find some fun activities, materials, and selling advice from our baker. Check out some past blog posts such as Cookie Booth Selling Success!, Girl Scout Cookie Program Resources, and How To Be A Top Seller for more tips and resources. Learn from a pro! Watch  ...

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What Can a Cookie Do? Save Puppies and Change Laws!

Cookie season is just around the corner. Before the cold temperatures, deadlines, and necessary paperwork for the world’s largest girl-led business starts to weigh on our spirits let’s take a moment and remember what cookies, and most importantly the girls who sell them, can do. Watch the video below to see how 3 Girl Scouts in Texas used the 5 Skills and the funds from their cookie sales to advocate for a law change in their state to protect puppies and earn their Silver Award.  ...

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