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Girl Scout Traditions: Founder’s Day!

Are you ready to celebrate our founder this October 31? The dynamic and visionary founder of Girl Scouts of the USA, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, was born on October 31, 1860 in Savannah, Georgia. Daisy, as she was called by family and friends, was an engaging and determined woman who loved the outdoors, the creative arts, and who poured her mind, spirit, and financial resources into creating Girl Scouts of the USA. In the 15 years between her first meeting in 1912 to her death from breast  ...

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Bridging to the Future on the Purple People Bridge

When I was in first grade, I remember being so jealous of all of the girls in my class who were Daisies. They wore blue smocks, they earned awesome petals, and I wanted to be included so badly. So you better believe that I had my mom sign me up for Girl Scouts the following year. And so began my lifelong love of Girl Scouts. I participated as a girl member from second grade through eighth grade, as a Brownie, Junior, and Cadette. And throughout those seven years, I got to participate in an  ...

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Are you ready to bridge? Time to level up with Girl Scouts!

Who doesn’t love being recognized when they move to a new level? Whether it’s graduating from school or leveling up in a video game, we love that moment when we move toward new adventures and exciting possibilities! In Girl Scouts when girls make the transition to the next age level we call it bridging, and we love to mark this achievement with reflection, ceremonies, and of course an award! When do girls bridge? Traditionally, girls bridge from one level of Girl Scouts to the  ...

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Girl Scout Traditions: We Are Girl-Led!

Girl Scouts has been girl-led since its beginning, when our founder Juliette Gordon Low answered the question “what should girls do?” with a very simple “what do the girls want to do?” And we’re still following Juliette’s lead over a hundred years later! How? Here’s just a couple of ways girls are leading the way and choosing their adventures in Girl Scouts! Girls’ Choice Badges Our girls want outdoor experiences and badges! How do we know?  ...

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