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5 Awesome Ice Breaker Activities for Middle School Girls

A good ice breaker can be worth its weight in gold when working with middle school girls. Why? Because there’s a lot of ice (and some angst) to break through with this age group! And any activity, game, or conversation starter that can help you turn a bunch of individual girls in the uncomfortable “I don’t really know these people” stage into a group that is communicative, engaged, and comfortable with each other is priceless! So what are our favorite ice breakers  ...

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Badges, Activities, & Beyond

Earn the Junior Mechanical Engineering Badge with Balloon-Powered Cars!

Girl Scouts and STEM go together like marshmallows and camp fires. That’s why we’re so excited about all of the new STEM badges that have come out in the past few years! Girl Scout volunteers Sharon and Dana, who work with GE Aviation, created a fun activity with Troop 44405 from Mason, Ohio to earn one of the Junior Mechanical Engineering badges! Watch the video above to find out how to do the activity with your troop! Ready to get started? GSWO has a few kits available for  ...

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Give Rise to Girl-Led

The girl led component of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience can be the hardest, but it is the most important. Letting girls of all ages take the reigns in their Girl Scout experience, in various age appropriate progressive ways, sounds simple on paper, but there can definitely be challenges beyond the surface. Our society does not encourage independence among girls and women. It is apparent early on in how girls are treated, taught, and shown in the world around them. This conditioning  ...

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Girl-Led, Learning by Doing and Cooperative Learning

3 Processes for a Successful Leader Experience Girl Scouts uses three key processes in providing girls with a quality experience: girl-led, cooperative learning, and learning by doing. These processes are key in everything we do with girls and helps us ensure we are best serving our girl members, but we want to know, is there any value in these processes for our adult members? Let’s start with girl-led. The voice of the girl will always be our priority, but for this instance,  ...

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