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Leveraging Your Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience

Value in Networking and Enrichment: Girl Scouting for Adults

Girl Scouts is all about the girls, there’s no question about that. But how do you continue to learn and grow to better serve the girls in your Girl Scout community? Girl Scouts of Western Ohio offers training and enrichment opportunities for our volunteers in a variety of ways, from digital formats to evening gatherings to camp overnights. Here are just a few examples of the types of opportunities we have and why you may want to join in on the next opportunity! Training refers to required  ...

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Volunteer Experience, Volunteers

Progression, It’s Not Just For Girls!

Progression is something we promote at Girl Scouts, both for girls and for our volunteers. No one joins the organization already knowing the many resources we have at a national and council level, with the Girl Scout handbook and Volunteer Essentials committed to memory, and knowing a skilled facilitator for every badge and activity that your troop is going to want to try. And that’s okay! To help you build your knowledge and skills as a volunteer, we’ve put together a handy  ...

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